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Where are the cheapest places to stay in the east?

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I am planning on trying to ski all over vt nh and ny this winter, and am looking for the cheapest places to stay, I am talking cheaper the better,


I have stayed at the econolodge in killigton for like 50 bucks a night before, but i was wondering if people knew of any other cheap places around killington or any other places in the east.


Are there any hostel type places in vt? I am basically just looking for a places to crash, and shower. The closer to the mountain the better, but I would be willing to stay up until an hour away if the deal is right


Do not get me wrong there are trips where I stay in nicer places, usually do one ski in ski out trip a year, but what I am looking for here is for my budget ski adventures, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Here are two good ones I have recent experience with last season:


Hostel Tevere is good for Sugarbush, also within day trip range of MRG and Stowe. Price is $30-35 for singles.

Review with photos:





White Mountains Hostel in Conway, NH costs $24 for singles and is within easy striking distance of a half dozen downhill ski areas in the Mt Washington Valley area. Not as hip as Tevere, but includes a double kitchen available for use by guests.

Link: http://www.conwayhostel.com/ or here: http://www.whitemountainshostel.com/

Photo: DSCF1748.jpg

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It probably doesn't happen any more but in the late 60's when I was a university student I used to go to the Snowbarn at Mount Snow VT. at Xmas and spring break. The deal was work mornings making beds and cleaning washrooms and get a 1/2 day lift ticket and free room and board.

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Do it Les stroud style :P

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the hostel tevere looks really nice, going to try and stay there on my trip to sugarbush this year

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Here's a website for very cheap places.






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Turn of the River Lodge on Rt 4 Killington. 

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the norseman motel at sunday river, swiss chalet on 302  right outside north conway. pico motel rt 4 past killington. mid week they can be barginned down if not full I have had some success on weekends if they have empty rooms and you stay a couple of days

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Wish I could help but my club is private. 15 min from Killington/Pico, 1 hr north to the Bush or MRG  or 1 hr south to Bromley, Stratton or Magic, Okemo's about 40 min. $22 a night including breakfast.


Weekend $56 including 2 breakfasts & sat. night dinner.


Sleeps 48 comfortably. During the week I'm usually there with only a few others


It's cheaper for me to stay in VT. then it is to stay home...


Oh did I mention we're on 22 acres with the town park & recreation area adjacent to our property.

tennis courts, baseball field, basket ball courts,swimming, bbg/picnic area & hiking trails


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