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Hart Skis

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I do mostly backcountry skiing from the Canyons Resort in Park City. I am looking for new skis and have been considering the Hart 1 and the Outback. I have skied the Praxis Outback, Icelantic Shaman, K2 Sidestash and Backcountry,Atomic RT 86 and BD Verdict. Any comments on the Hart Skis? I am looking to stay under  9lbs. I telemark and will be using the BD Seeker Boot. Thanks for anyone's help.

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I have the BarHopper which is the same ski as the Outback.  I have mixed opinions on it depending on the snow conditions.  In good powder, it is most excellent.  In sloppy wet snow, it can be a nightmare.  They are really soft.  No metal in them.  Very slight normal camber.  They took some getting used to on hardpack/ice as well.  If you're going really fast they will hold an edge and carver well (strangely), but if you're just cruising and skidding turns, they feel very awkward.  They also have a loud hollow sound as they scrape and slide on ice.  Maybe that's a Bamboo thing, but they sound alot different than other skis.  Early in the season last year,  I was regretting buying them.  I stuck with it and learned how to ski them and ended up liking them alot.  I think it helped that that graphic got a ton of attention in the lift line, and it was fun to be on something different than everybody else.


If you're looking at The One and maybe the Attack, they are probably a completely different animal than the Outback/BarHopper.  I bought the Javelin GS ski this year, which is built in a completely different factory in Italy.  The Barhopper/Outback were built in China.  The Javelin I can look at and already know it's going to do well at exactly what it was designed to do.  It's built very well.  The Attack and One I believe are now built in Colorado, so they probably have a completely different personality than both pair that I have.  So even though I might not recommend the Outback for anything but a Powder ski, don't let that sway you from the Attack or One, they could end up being the best skis ever for all I know.

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Have you tried over at www.telemarktips.com?
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