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Ottawa Ski Show

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Any Epic members in the Ottawa area? If so, I hope to see you at the Ottawa Ski Show this weekend (Oct 22-24) at Lansdowne Park. 

Free admission! 

If you do attend, come and say hello. I'll be giving a training for skiing seminar each day, and will also have a booth somewhere near the Kundstadt area. 

I'm on at 6:30 on Friday, 1:45 on Saturday, and 3:30 on Sunday, presenting "Training tips for performance and injury risk reduction"

There are also other great presentations about boot fitting, ski tuning, and waxing for x-c skiing.



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Will try to say hi & catch a seminar if I can!

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What happened to the ski show this year?  It was absolutely awful, the only redeeming feature was probably the seminars.  No ski video showing by anyone, just a big empty space selling some sort of empty calorie food in place of it.  I don't know whether it is the economy or whatever, but with all the skiers in Ottawa, we deserve a better ski show for sure, I guess we are the bottom run, no athletes at all, no ski video stars, nothing, just a couple of ski stores selling their wares and a bunch of resorts with brochures.  Good thing it was free or I probably would have asked for my money back.

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