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Skiing History

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I was on the web over the weekend ambling through some old ski footage, the alpine games, the downhill in Wengen etc. I found this fantastic footage from the alpine games in 56, Germany. The site then revealed skiing from as early as 1916 when the French used skiing as a critical trasport method for supplies. for those that are interested, it is an amazing supply of early skiing footage.

i've posted the week below for anybody that wants to see, i hope you enjoy.




see ya on the slopes,



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Those old movies are a hoot !!

Thanks for the link.

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Im glad you enjoyed it, i showed it to my friend in the swiss ski school in Wengen who has since pinched a couple and stuck them in their advertising, i sould have charged some comission!!!


i thought this clip was paricularly impressivem, especially so since they land on flat ground, so much for a bit of leasurly skiing!!





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