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Zardoz notwax teflon wipe or LFG

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I've got a dual slalom tommorrow, I went in and got some Swix LFG 8 and CH 7. I was planning to use teh CH as my base and the LF over top. In between runs I was planning to pencil on some of the LF and cork it in along with some old KUU sport Fluoro powder.

My question is, is this Zardoz any good? I know my waxing but I have never heard anyone using this. Should I use the Zardoz instead of the LF and Fluoro. Is there a specific way of applying it.

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I'd stick to the wax for racing. notwax is good in wet spring snow, but even then you apply it over a wax base. do a search here and you'll find more info
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Zardoz isn't bad stuff in really wet snow, in dry/cold snow its slow. Compared to nailing the correct wax for a race its not great in any conditions. There has always been talk of it apparently drying/Oxidizing Ptex with long term usage.

On the other side, when put on-top of wax in wet conditions, it apparently helps create a start nearly as fast as pure fluro powder . . . but it only last at the most through the skate and to the first gate or so.

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Zardoz has a chemical make-up similar to Rain-X you would put on your car windshield. Todd's right the stuff will be gone by the first few gates. Give it a test in training. It will dry out bases I have a pair of dynastars to prove it.
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Here is another approach.

Hot wax as normal with the appropriate wax of your choice.

Brush, cork, and use a Scotch Brite pad or similair scouring pad material to get the base surface as smooth and slick as possible [ It should feel very slick and smooth to the touch.]

Then apply the NotWax and let it sit over night. Just before you are get ready to race apply some more Notwax. Do this before each race run.

Have some paper towel or clean soft rage on hand to buff it in, if the snow is particularly cold.

I find it to be a very quick alternative to constant, expensive, and time consuming application of high Fluouro content waxes.

I understand this reply is a little late for your March 24 competition, but experiment with it and see if it works for you.It may be something you may want to try for future competitions.
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Thanks for all the advice. I got a little cocky and fell in my first run. I jsut missed bringing back the deficite (1.5 seconds in a 20 second course). Too bad could have made some cash.

thanks again

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Hi, I know this is an old post. I have the real data for racing and using zardoz notwax and the new fluoro +.

So lets get to the skinny of real life.
A pro racer have techs and pre runners so having a nice set of skis/boards is great and the chances of picking the right wax well is way better then a semi pro or just for fun racer who has at most 2 pair.

that being said. My team tries to wax to temp/humidity. We check the predicted weather near the course and shoot from there.
The nice thing about Notwax is that it blends well with other waxes. then at the course if the snow is above 25f and check the humidity. you can add more right on the slope. Most of our races are above 25f. being East coast (PA,MD,WV)

It is easy to carry a puk.

1-dryness no that is wear on the base fibers, you still need hot wax.
2-slow in cold.
      Snow with no humidity or water is dry dry powder under 10 degrees f is slow because there is no water for lubrication.
      hence the squeaking sound. When you use Notwax in colder dryer weather buff with a cloth.

3- you still have to clean and wax once and a while (we wax every week)
4- depending on race type and setup how much are you flat on skis or board,
 most turns use the outer edge of base. So you will be faster in a race then just skating or playing.

5-most recreational racers use the same gear before racing and after, Nice to have a puk just in case.
again we hot wax with Fluoro + and add Notwax as needed. I wax night before weekend racing and then race/ski sat / sunday
then training wed, then re wax.

the data we have-
used 10f to 60f
humidity 20%to 90%

the new fluoro + hot wax can be rubbed on or melted.

thx ed skiracerxray
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