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I sympathize with your frustration over the degeneration of some of the threads. When it starts becoming insults back and forth it is really quite boring and not worth anyone's time. Plus it drains the life out of the forum.

However, that is the extent of my agreement.
You've stated:

>>Over the past year, however, I notice that the discourse has become littered with expletives, attacks on persons, unsympathetic mocking of tragic events (e.g. Igneous, Bill Johnson), or becomes a way for people to promote their agendas, ski brand or other<<

While I haven't been on this forum that long, I followed and have just now reviewed the threads on Igneous and Bill Johnson.

For the Igneous thread, I see no "mocking" whatsoever of the fact that Igneous was presumed dead. Perhaps you are referring to Matter's post that he thought that frankly Igneous skis were'nt any good. What's wrong with that? Matter then endured quite an attack while others defended Igneous. Matter countered with a more detailed review of the skis and his opinions. No where in there did I get the impression that Matter was glad to see Igneous fail. His opinions of the skis were quite well presented and defended. Yes, the thing degenerated a bit with the "I'm a true ripper! you're not!" back and forth but it wasn't too bad.

I see absolutely nothing wrong in that. In fact the thread wound up with an interesting back and forth between Ott and the "youngins" debating the merits of good equipment. So where's the decay of society here?

The Bill Johnson thread
Yes, this one got a bit out of hand but I still see no “unsympathetic mocking of tragic events”. Perhaps it’s gdubs saying that FIS sucks and railing against that organization. Well, that’s his opinion and one shared by quite a few others in his group. Gravity then confronted him on certain points and was doing a good job of showing some errors of logic. Later at least gdubs came back and explained what he meant. You may disagree, but again it’s his opinion and it was pretty well expressed. Then things degenerated when gdubs started flying off at the mouth and received insults for it. His response was pretty juvenile and both the insult and response should have been deleted. Since then gdubs has at least shown some restraint.
Again, it makes for a very boring read and juvenile discussion, but I don’t see any major “decay of society” here.

(gdubs: remember, "When standing on thin ice, do not start a fire!")

I have major problems with this next statement:

>>Second, we place this forum at risk by posting libelous remarks about a person or organization.<<

What libelous remarks are we talking about here? That someone thinks Igneous Skis are no good? That Harald Harb’s “system” has seious flaws? That Paul ***** may not be an “expert” skier?

Mr. Harb is an excellent skier and teacher, on that most agree. However, he’s made some rather extravagant claims and engaged in dubious marketing slogans. For that he certainly deserves scrutiny and doubt. If this is expressed disparangingly, so be it. It is usually well backed up.

Was Mr. ***** “libelized”? poor darling. He leaves his cell phone on the internet then wants to hold AC responsible for everything. This from a genius who was “in on the Palm beta”. My, he made a lot of money in the stock market big deal. He acts like a total jerk. Has he even come back and said anything? No, probably because his lawyer advised him not too. Such a titan of industry.

Are we not to express any opinions for fear of “legal action” ? If this is the case then truly we are a pathetic nation. Here is the “decay of society”.

Since I don’t believe we’re pathetic, I see no reason to change much of substance. If threads are not interesting and degenerate into name calling then start one that is intersting! I’ve seen one reference to this site becoming “watered down” recently. Well it this is the case just start a topic! This complaint is as lame as Mr. *****’s.

No wonder the young ones just want to stay in the park and do flips, the circus outside is just too ridiculous.

Now, how do I learn one of those “mistys” or “rodeos” or whatever the hell they’re called?

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First of all neither of us are doing any work today!!! You are posting about as often as me. I am sick because spring is creeping into my backyard. I am trying to go to Lars territory to go skiing but if I can't this weekend will the first ride of the year.

Second, WHAT is with that post? Are we all trying to get along here? Or, is there a new kinder and gentler Gonzo.

Lastly, JW and I could use any input you may have on affordable lodging in Fernie see Bears gathering thread.


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Well Gonzo, you had me pegged! Actually, it was a sort of "schizoid" adolescence, since I went to this "artsy" , "Come on people now, smile on your brother" type high school, but came home each day to italian street gang culture.
Then when moving to Ma.5 years ago, I lived in the North End. I used to go running up a hill that led to some "family's" house. They had this big wonderful dog, and the "father" would say to me "Hey sweetheart, take the dog running with ya', pretty girl like you shouldnta' be runnin with no protection".
Then I saw on the news that he was killed in some "mob" fight. Cried myself to sleep that night.
What's my point? Well, as I matured, the "Everybody get together" part of my personality took over, but there's always an element of "don't mess with me or my friends", and "you ain't showin' the proper respect!".
Ott, I'll take your advice on the Manhattan next time.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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