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Whitewater BC-Coldsmoke 4 day clinic

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Got an Mountain Gear (Spokane) catalogue in the mail and noticed a small add regarding a 4 day backcountry clinic at Whitewater BC. Anyone know anythhing about this 4 days.  I am just getting started at BC skiing and thought maybe ?  I would be a beginner newbie. Thought this might be a good way to start but thought I would ask here.  Clinic is Feb 25-28 is called Kootenay coldsmoke powder fest and is 4 days of clinics, tours, demos and social (beer I presume).  If any bears here have been or know about this need an opinion if this would be good for learning newbie.  Thanks Pete

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I think most of the clinics are run on Saturday/Sunday.


Backcountry Basics runs all day Saturday (last year), provide your own equipment.


I too would be interested to hear from someone who's actually been and taken a clinic or two. Sounds like a good reason for a weekend trip up to Nelson.

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