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Pow turns in October

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I crawled out of bed this morning, head a little fuzzy from laying up skis with Freelader and Susie rang me to say it was a Bluebird pow day??? It's October and I can barely see 50m out of the window for fog 

Anyway the webcam's agreed with Susie so off to the lift 

looking up at the hills on the drve in 


looking a bit closer - yes there is snow up there 


After a careful walk down the ridge in fresh snow I dropped in. Initial turn hit hard but is got nice quick 


Then it got steep with big holes! 


Susie dropping in, leaving the mountaineers way behind 


A little lower down Susie making some nice turns Wink 


Out onto the untouched 


What a nice place for a Sunday stroll 


Susie matching my turns down the mellow stuff 


End of the line, time to take a breather before heading back up 


Susie hard at work messaging the office on a sunday 


With this photo of me paying the piper Wink 


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NICE !   I am jealous, assume thats Chamonix and the snow looks great.  We should start getting snow in about 2 weeks.  Thanks for the Stoke. Have a great season.

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I love your reports, idris.  Keep 'em coming.

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Thanks!  But where are the reports from the recent snow in Vermont?

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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post

Thanks!  But where are the reports from the recent snow in Vermont?

on TGR

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Looks better today Idris!



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Those pics are stellar! Glad you had fun 

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I love it. Thanks for the  early stoke.

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any updates? I "heard" Cham was getting some snow this weekend. Thx.

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I just got back from making some really great powder turns in October.  We got 24" in the last 24 hours and my friend and I decided to go for a skin tour on Teton Pass.  It didn't seem like the coverage was sufficient on the skin out towards Avalanche Bowl and I was prepared to skin out and ski back without making any turns.  About half way out we met a couple of skiers headed back.  One of the skiers told my friend "there's a surprise for you up that trail" and didn't say anything more.  This freaked my friend out as it was his first skinning experience and his second time in the BC.  I figured there was an animal up ahead or he was playing some sick joke on the newbie.  When we got to Avalanche Bowl we passed another guy heading back who told us that if we hit bottom he would buy us dinner at The Snake River Grill.  We headed over the saddle and noted the sastrugi starting to form on top and the snow being transported through the gap and dropping into the bowl.  While we were getting ready a few more groups showed up.  I dropped over over the roller and was shocked that I was just cruising over some of the creamiest untracked powder I had skied in a long time.  No bottom and consistent right to the end of the run.  Incredible!  Apparently no one wanted video as I turned around and they were all coming down.  No Photos!  The hike up kicked my butt a little the snow in the boot pack was up to my waist and I came close to getting lapped by Miller.  Definitely the best turns I've ever made in October or November for that matter.  I think I'll be back tomorrow.  

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Ohhh.... I want some of that!


Instead, I'm stuck at work nursing my roadrash.  It'll be healed soon enough...



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Oh, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!




Come on, Ullr!

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Verrrry nice!

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Very niiice!  I can almost 'feel' the serenity of the air there ... the crunch/squeek of the powder, the muffled sounds of the turns.  I think I'll go click in right now smile.gif

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