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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

the kendo is NOT a twin tip like a P90. 

Yup, saw that in the store. However fate pushed me into a different direction. A 2009 Volkl Wall seemed to be twintip and has 87 waste. Awesome ski ;-)


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This is my first post on here and just to qualify I am a 41 year old that started skiing at age 10 and snowboarding at age 16 and have done both my whole life.  I also tuned and mounted skis and snowboards for a living in my ski bum years from the late 80's to mid 90's so I have been around.


This post caught my eye because I just got the new Kendos this year as an east coast ski.  If you have been skiing a long time and ski fast and rail turns then it is sick b/c it is a full sidewall stiff ski that will blaze through anything here.  One thing I like about the Kendo is it is very light with a deep sidecut so it can be thrown around quickly and also skied shorter due to the stiff flex and corresponding load that the edge can handle but the sidecut will let you snap quick arcs at top speed - fun, fun, fun.  Skiing it shorter, you are now free to blaze in the tight trees and the ski will be super easy to handle.  If you find yourself jump turning down the face at Jay or in the trees under the Pali lift at A-Basin once in awhile then the short light ski will do the trick too.  If you like a longer ski in general then I would say the decision is to stay away from the Kendos b/c you should ski them on the short side for your weight.  


Anyway, if you want a true twin that can serve as All-Mountain I say go look at the Nordica Ace of Spades.  They built that ski to be a park ski but it has proven to be so much more.  It is a full sidewall ski which I can't see how you can be an east coaster and not want that and a totally true twin.  You could mount it 1 to 1.5 back too and make it feel more directional.  As far as a cap ski that is more freestyle I would go with a Soloman Lord.  I don't think any freestyle/do-it-all cap ski in the last few years has been equal to the Lord.


Best of Luck to you.




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I am still working on my "mid-fat" reviews (to be posted soon), but I really liked the Kendo. It was really, really close to my Elan Apex in performance, a bit lighter and more lively version of both the legendary Head Monster iM88 and the Kastle MX88.  They are all great skis, but I found the Kendo and Apex to be a bit more moderate in flex than the Mantra (not soft though, but plenty of flex for an aggressive but fairly light skier like myself to release at the end of the turn and be able to pressure the tip in bumps). Both followed terrain very well, were smooth, damp, stable, light on the snow, have a moderately large sweet spot, and feel like a well-made laminate ski.  I know I have posted this elsewhere, but Holiday says the best turns he has ever seen me make were on the Apex, and I felt as solid on the Kendo.  I haven't skied the Line.   


If you want an all-mountain twin, what about the Blizzard The One, or the Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer?  Both are really capable all-mountain skis, but with a bit different feel.

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Alot of the general public does not get the tech talk.  That shouldn't hinder you from making the right choice.  First you need to ask yourself where am i going to be skiing more?  Both the Volkls and Line skis are great all Mt. skis.  Both will carve and handle the powder.  If i had to pick on, it would probable be the Volkl Kendo.  Its a little stiffer and will handle your bigger frame better. but not by much.  My suggestion is to ski the skis, find a shop that has them in demo, and figure out that way.  Its the best way to get a "feel" for the ski. everyone skis a little different. We can all suggest one ski or the other but its going to be biased on what we have experienced.  Test them! its the best thing to do!


Good Luck, 





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Thomas.  Line do the Prophet Flite as a lightweight version of the P90.  May be worth a demo if you can find them.

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