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Do waterproof gloves exist?

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Every single glove I find that claims to be waterproof or gore-tex says "waterproof or goretex insert" in the description which I am interpreting as the glove not being waterproof and then when the gloves get soaked you have a thin waterproof piece of something stopping your hand itself getting wet.


Are there any gloves with a waterproof shell?


I found these gore-tex glvoes by burton then like all the others..




"Guaranteed To Keep You Dry® GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable insert"


Am I missing something here. Is there a reason to waterproof the shell?

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*Is there a reason not to waterproof the shell?


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I think what you need ultimately is the insert.  Presumably you want it BREATHABLE or you'll be sweating so much you make it wet from the inside going out.  On the outside layer, gloves and mittens are subject considerably to wear, WAY MORE than your jacket, for instance.  So, although the surface might start out being pretty water repellent, after like one season, that coating is pretty much kaput.  You can help it out by washing it in something, but the actual line of defense you need is the inner layer, where the surface of the fabric isn't being subjected to so much abuse.


By the way, this is why I actually prefer leather mittens.  There are tons of products to waterproof leather than don't involve running a load of wash, etc.  You just rub them into the leather as needed. 

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You want a waterproof shell? Get rubber gloves. You want something comfortable to ski in when it's pouring rain? Get heavily medicated. It's either that or spend more than $100 list price for gloves (e.g. Reusch, Level, Swany). There are plenty of high end gloves that do a great job in wet weather, but even the best gloves eventually succumb to wet weather due to wear. And that's the reason gloves don't have an outer water proof shell -> wear. You can't have both breathable and waterproof on the outside. Hmm - maybe we could build a glove with a drain plug?

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Sealskinz neoprene gloves are waterproof, but your hands will start sweating almost immediately and then they will get very very cold.

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