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Recommendations for an All Mountain Ski, primarily west

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Looking for skis for my oldest son who is an expert but only skis a week or two, mostly in the west ( mostly Rockies)  and occasionally in the midwest.  Has some old Volkl Supersports but is definitely ready to move on to newer technology...something like a Volkl AC50.  He is an excellent and skilled skier but at almost 50 he is more conservative than in the past...fast but no big chances.   Any recommendations?


I personally like the AC50s but have skied very few skis in the past 5 years.  Whatever ski he buys need to be able to carve well.





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Hey Bill,


Take a look at the new 2011 Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel all mountain ski. This ski is incredibly versatile and can handle anything you throw at it. It has been constructed with top of the line materials and utilizes the best technology Nordica has to offer. Best of luck in your search.





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I don't support system skis, rails and so forth. buy a ski flat and whatever binding you like. my feeling is that play develops in the rail systems. sellect a width for snow conditions you like best and buy a Salomon or Dynastar or Volkl in that waist. Don't buy a park or symetrical ski if you don't ski switch.don't by extreme rocker if you only have one ski.  that's my two cents. some posssible picks: Salomon Shogun, Volkl Mantra, Dynastar Legend Sultan, Rossi S5. he'll enjoy any. (hmmm, lots of French skis in that list)

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Height and weight would be useful information.  It really does make a difference.


But I would think that for someone who isn't terribly aggressive, the AC50 is likely to be too much ski.

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Try these mini reviews and see what strikes home...........





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Thanks everyone for the info.


My son is 5'10", 175 and still very strong and athletic and by most standards still an aggressive skier.  The ac50 is a piece of cake to ski and even old gezers like me ski it without a problem. 


Like all my "boys", #1 son grew up teaching, racing and or coaching so there aren't any skis he can't handle.  It is more a question of finding the right ski for the conditions, terrain and more limited skiing he does now.  I use the ac5o as a bench mark because I am familiar with it.  Have not skied the Mantra but my younger friends like it.  My youngest son just got a pair of Salomon Sentinels for the Sierras but that is wider than what #1 son wants to ski...keep the waist in the 80-85mm range.


Will look into Nordica, Dynastar, and Rossi models.  I had a pair of Legend 8000s just before getting sick in 2005 but only skied them a few hours...liked them but I am sure the newer models have lots of changes.  Also demoed most of the Nordicas of that era but have tried very few new skis since 2005. 



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I am sure this will throw you into a tizzy, but why not some 184 Scottybob Headrushes?  Light, powerful, BEAUTIFUL, unique, versatile on different conditions.

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I'm not sure if the AC50 would be the best if he spends most of his time in the rockies and if he goes off piste more than 30%. if you are looking for a new model, then check out: Rossignol S86 & since he was on the SuperSports (don't know which star) & liked them, then the Blizzard Titan Atlas.


Now if you are looking at last years models, then as previously mentioned the Nordica Jet Fuel or Kastle MX88 or Elan 888.


For some deals going on for last year's models, check out these Deals.

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