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Recommend Boot Fitter

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Hey all,

Can anyone recommend a good boot fitter in Nova Scotia, Canada? Or the closest possible location?


I hope there is one.




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The Wikis at the top of this forum list our locations.  That would be the place to start.



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If you are referring to "Boot Fitters On Epicski", I had already checked and none located near me. If some other article, I didn't see it.


I did check yellow pages, searched online and this was simply my last resort before attempting to fit myself to the best of my abilities.


I am guessing that not every boot fitter in the world is on epicski, unless there is only a total of four in Canada, three of them located out west.


If anyone knows of a fitter in the area, please let me know.



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Closest that I know personally is Lionel Herring at Happy Tunes in Carrabasset Valley Maine, not very close to N.S. but then again not much is close to N.S.

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Like to help but don't know anyone your way.  If you get into Vermont then yes.  Why not come out here to ski and then stop in?




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lou is in calgary, I'm in banff, and some other good guys in fernie too.

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Thanks for the replies guys and thanks to those who PMed me advise as well, friendly bunch here.


I don't like the idea of having a fitting made too far away from my home. Problem is that if I require modifications or any of the other issues you hear of posted in these forums, it is too far to travel. Plus, it is pretty hard to invest time away from the slopes when on vacation, especially out west.


I think my best bet is to educate myself and make minor and gradual modifications to the boots over a period of time. I don't mind putting in the time and effort  and have found a few web pages I think will help with the process. I am Machinist, and therefore have access to an array of measuring devices, machines, and tools.

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