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Tongue too stiff?

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I'm an inquisitive, intermediate skier. I have Flexon Comp Bumble bee's I haven't skied yet and couldn't resist throwing down another $20 for some 9'1 Comp's for spare parts. The tongues in the 9'1's are very stiff.


My question is:


What is the down side of tongues that are too stiff for the speed I generally ski and ability level? Will my skis go everywhere, nowhere or will I just have sore chins? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Boots are stiff to support your ankles.  But you also need to flex and extend your ankles to maintain proper fore/aft balance.


The faster you go, the more "G-Forces" you generate....thus the boots need to be stiffer to handle the extra loads....but the extra loads mean a skier can still flex them.  That is why expert boots tend to be stiffer then intermediate boots....(there are other reasons too like responsivness)


If the boot is too stiff, you wont be able to flex it, and your balance will be hampered.  Too soft, and you wont have enough support, and your performance will be hampered..... it is all a balancing act.


Flexons thou are generally a soft boot.  So try the different options and see what works best.

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Do you have Bumble Bees or Bumble Bee Pros?  The former had a #4 tongue and the latter a #6?  The Flexon 9.1 had a #6 IIRC.  I ski on #8 and #10 tongues and find the #6 a bit too soft now.  I recommend you bring them both to the mountain and swap them out at half time.  One of the benefits of the Flexon is easy tongue swaps.


I somewhat disagree about the "balance" comments posted above.  You should be in balance when your boots are in neutral (no flexing required) - the rest of the time you are using the fore aft forces on your boots to leverage your skis.  There are plenty of skiers out there skiing on very stiff boots and they can't really flex them much (if at all).  Why?  So that their fore/aft movements are very responsive down to their skis.  If you have the skills you can ski very smoothly even in a crazy stiff boot (and even through moguls). 


So make sure that you have the correct fore/aft alignment (determined by the shell forward lean, bootboard ramp angle, and binding delta) and go for the stiffer setup.  I think you'll learn to appreciate the added control.

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