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The rider who hit the guy should have at least tried to turn. The guy almost got hit again at the end.


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A coincidence of turkeys... Where do we start ?

Obviously following too close ( i'm talkin bout the camera dude ).

Let's ALL stop here in the middle of the CROWDED run so we create a log-jam which...

The Snowboarder - of course - can break-up.    '" whatr WE gonna do about the boarderrs ? ''


Notice: the guy who stopped in the middle of the run first, AND GOT SMOKED,  did not take a look uphill. ( I was actually hoping it was the fat red man that narrrowly avoided hitting him  would be the one to get smoked ).

And what about that boarder they all rip by, parked in the middle of the run with his back to the traffic... ( I feather it and hose 'em down while saying: Don't Park Here )

Don't stop where you obstruct a trail. Look ahead. Ski in control... 'SKIER RESPONSIBILITY  CODE' DUH...

You may think this is 100% open and shut. I say  50-50.   

I SAY 100% AUTISM.             Death to all turkeys.

Which is a whole other discussion about how in the beginning " the sport of skiing " - which we all know and love so well - used to determine who actually participated. Like base-jumping.

... now it is any turd with a wallet.

And you politically correct helmet boosters - wear a helmet on yer knee.


ps... Love the dude doing the ass-over-tea-kettle to the rescue. Was this thing staged ?

... come on this has to be staged...

" there is nothing more helpless than a man in the depths of an ether binge " HST.


pps I feel unclean for even posting this. Hah.!!

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I agree with FAT Man following to close. He is clearly skiing faster than he should be. People should not stop mid trail, if you stop during a run stop off to the side in a clearly visible spot and look uphill before doing it. This should be common sense! But, like bad drivers you have bad skiers and boarders. 


Yeah, I would say its 50/50.

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