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Hood summer camps?

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Hi. What are the best Mt. Hood summer race camps for a citizen racer? I am primarily looking to improve my GS technique, so I would be looking for a camp that gave video analysis and feedback, as well as introdution to different drills (I have had little in the way of formal training, what I have learned has basically been through my own research of other people's teaching methods). I am not lucky enough to live near an area that has a masters training program. Also, I was looking for a 3-day ish camp, as I don't think I could skip out on work for a whole week. I am hoping that by improving my GS technique at a camp, I will also gain technique that is useful when carving on any snow surface. Suggestions?
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Call my friend Sarah Richardson at 503 231 5402. Tell her Weems sent you.

She'll say, "Who's Weems?"

She's the ssd at Timberline and they run good camps all summer.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how to get ahold of whatever shuttle or bus services are available from Portland to Mt. Hood in the summer?
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