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Georges Salomon 1925-2010

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Did not know he was alive till now!

I am grateful for Salomon rear entry boots wich helped me a lot to return to alpine skiing from the x-country and touring.Separated from them like 4 years,but still with Salomon (X-wave 10)

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This is a scan from yesterday's Wall Street Journal:


A good read. Is any body able to name the set of skis Mr. Salomon is holding?




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He's holding the very first generation of Salomon skis.  I believe those are the S9000 Equipe 1S.  That was the original Black/White/Blue/Pink  colourway  (which I don't think ever went on sale in North America), that was to match with the original SX92 Equipe boot and S957 Equipe binding.


I got to ride a test pair in that colour, but when they went to full production and retail in North America they were the orange and black colour.




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