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Kastle FX84

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Hi everyone!


Need urgent advice. Have been deliberating over the mass of information on this site with helpful inputs from Phil and Jim to specific posts re 1SQ for "east" (I'm in NZ)


Me: 24, 5'11'', 190lbs, level 8, athletic. Certainly not expert. Like mixed condition skiing and will head off piste (frontside and sidecountry only) when conditions allow. Like bumps, trees (when travelling to North America), crud, powder and obviously, still need some good hard pack performance for icy conditions at times and modest snow falls down under. I don't prioritize pure ice pick, hard pack performance over versatility, but am realistic with the inevitable time spent on groomers when you can't choose your ski days.


Have been thinking about blizzi 8.1/8.7, blackeye Ti/crimson, avenger Ti, sollie enduro, sultan 85, Nitrous, Jet Fuels.


But have just seen an offer for some 2nd hand kastle FX84 in 176 length for what looks like a good price- $700 NZD (=about $500 USD, note that we pay way more down here e.g. avengers are about $1400 USD).


My question: Are they THAT good that I should pull the trigger without demoing any of the above? Are they good enough at this price to buy with scuffed and scratched top sheets? and minor base damage?


Thanks everyone,




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I wouldn't pay over $400.00 US for any ski and binding set that has noticeable base damage.  I know folks that would pay a little more for used skis in perfect condition- a few top scratches but not me.

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$500 US for used skis with base damage and obvious wear seems quite excessive, even for a high-priced ski like a Kastle. A ski with lots of scratches and scuffs is also going to have a lot of ski days behind them. Anyways, I would never consider spending that type of money without first inspecting them in-person. 'Minor Damage' is relative to the person who views it. A seller might be inclined to see a large base-gouge as minor. There could be 'minor' cracks in the edges.

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Thanks guys, yeah I'm inclined to agree. I just figured that at that money- with a trip next year- it's about the same as just renting skis each day for 14 days! And I'd be getting a Kastle. But I think you're right nonetheless.


Interestingly, Trekchick noted that they'd be a bit too light for me (my dimensions, snow quality and skier level). So I might hold out- spend a bit more money after a good demo process.




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The Blackeye sounds like a good option.

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Originally Posted by MojoMan View Post

The Blackeye sounds like a good option.

The BlackEye is a real nice ski -- I mentioned it in a thread a few days ago.  Despite being thicker under foot, it feels just as nimble as the Smoke TI (especially at the bottom of the turn).

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I was facing nearly the same choice and was considering used Kastle FX 84 for about the same price and after lots of reseaching and some helpful advice here, I decided to go with new 2010 Sultan 85 with integrated bindings from Evogear for $636.  My thought is I will have new and not be worried about condition.  I will ski them for my first trip this year 4 days if I absolutely don't like them I will put them up on gear swap or ebay and  hopefully get about half my money back, considering that I would pay $50 per day to demo I will only be out a little over $100.  But I am confident that I will like them.

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All good ideas/advice everyone. Yeah I reckon the sultan 85 just keeps jumping out at me as the ultimate 1SQ especially for someone who travels to ski and therefore can't predict what conditions they'll get. I'm eager to try the blackeye and enduro though. Thanks again everyone!





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