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Boot fit after ankle surgery

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OK, so I know the obvious answer is to ski in them for a few days and see how things go (and that is absolutely what I am going to do). However, it's not snowing yet so some of you more bio-mechanically minded folks may like to have a think about this one:


I had a chronically unstable right ankle for a long time - too much rugby - and tended to fall over a lot when hiking downhill!


This summer I had surgery to tighten up the joint.  A modified Brostrom procedure was used.  Both the ATFL and CFL were cut, overlapped, and stitched back together and the retinaculum was pulled over the ligaments and secured to the fibula to strengthen the repair.


A few months down the line and the joint is now super-stable and I've been hiking up and down mountains with no problems.  Good ROM with flexion, but nice and tight laterally. Minimal scarring.


I've always been lucky with boots and not needed any work, my current Dalbello Axion 11's were a fit out of the box with my custom foot beds dropped in.


Is this procedure likely to change how a foot works within a boot? and and are there any obvious foreseeable issues?

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obvious question is how do the boots feel on right now?

if your ankle has not much swelling, and the range of motion, and strenght are about the same, you should be fine.


do some one footed balance stuff so both are the same, ski them, and see how it goes.

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only other thing wqorth doing may be to have a new footbed made, the old one was produced for your unstanble foot so it may not function as well as it did for the new rebuilt foot, if nothing else i would swing by the boot fitter and have them check it out jsut to be sure

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mntlion - Thanks, I'll put them on at the weekend and see if there's any noticeable difference.  I've been getting strange looks from my new neighbors through the window while doing one footed balance work on a bosu ball!


When do you guys get setup again for Winter?

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not sure about these boys in the US and when they kick off, but we have been flyin for the past month...i smell a great season coming

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ramzee:   As ultimate has sold, I'm with skistop now (and all the staff I worked with have moved over too)  


talk to Junior (dave) at the ski stop,  he can help now. I'm back early Nov.

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