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I think I should be able to meet up Weds or Thurs, either morning or afternoon... or anytime on the weekend.  Unfortunately I am stuck in meetings from 8-5 every other day this week, ugh. 

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Me and Skiergirl777 gonna be riding Tuesday-Thursday.  Lots of stuff planned for the week already so we'll check back here and see what everyone's doing as it gets closer.

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Judging from the snow falling in Steamboat it seems that the Finndog magic is still working!  I hope it keeps up until next week.

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Hey Tam, Wednesday is looking pretty good, lets see if the temps are tolerable...


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Getting a late start out of WP.  Will call from road


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take your time.......  its a bit chilly out this AM..... rolleyes.gif

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Though I met bumpfreaq yesterday I'm south of you

staying in Summit Co.

Keystone today (starting late too cold at other areas)

high today 0, low tonight -25 to -30  very light snow.


Abasin yesterday


Breck tomorrow

Vail Thurs

Breck Friday

Off Sat

Brek (or Vail) Sun

Vail (or Abasin)  Mon   fly home Tues.

Stay Warm Wednesday.  (if you survive then the rest of

the week will be much warmer)

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Uh yeahhhh... think I'm going to hold on skiing today.... just got this email from lift dept: at 9am current temp at Thunderhead is -19, wind chill is -34... current temp at PHQ (top of Sundown) is -22, wind chill is -40.  And as an fyi, most lifts are delayed opening due to the ridiculous cold this morning.  Pretty shocked I got the car started, quite the groan firing it up... co-workers car thermometer registered -40 at Stagecoach intersection this morning and that spot is usually a good 5 degrees warmer than the Yampa bridge on 131 so we think her thermometer actually bottomed out.

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Don't blame you a bit, tam.  It was no doubt way cold.  Gotta say though that we had another really good day.  We started at 10am, the sun was blazin' and the wind was nearly nil.  I shed my neck gaiter after the first run and wished I had one less layer on top the rest of the day.


Again, the local knowledge of Finndog and Ski-ra kept us in soft and often deep snow all day long.  Got to share some runs with GregMerz but missed snowfun3.  Mosdef an above average day on the hill for me!  Thanks guys!

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Any epicskiers still around up here at the 'boat?  It's puking today and up to 18" is expected through tomorrow so I've decided to stay through the weekend...alone....  Give a holler today/tomorrow (PM me today - I'll check this thread tonite).

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 Two weeks and counting......


We're headed to Steamboat again this year on the 21st of this month. We're planning to hit Copper on Monday on the way up from Colorado Springs and then ski the 'boat from Tuesday through Friday. I think the temps are supposed to moderate some. It looks like the conditions should be great this year. I'm thinking of checking on Powdercats for a day, if they have space.

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Originally Posted by skibumm100 View Post

 ...We're headed to Steamboat again this year on the 21st of this month....It looks like the conditions should be great this year....

The conditions are definitely fabulous - with a base depth of nearly 100" above the top of the gondola if you see a line ski it...been skiing all sorts of tree shots that on an average year would be gnarly.  Enjoy!

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Can't wait to get there Tuesday night and skiing on Wednesday.

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Me and Skiergirl777 are here til Friday.  Going to be at Bear River Bar & Grill tonight at Gondola Square.

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out in Steamboat since last thursday, just after the thaw and here till thurs or fri.  had excellent trip so far.  Wife and I aren't experts but have had fn out on morningside, ridge and out about 2 o'clock.  while short on time now, can only say the last 4 days have had some great powder for our skill level!

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Try going over to Truffle Pig at one Staemboat. They have killer apre ski deals, $2 PBR drafts and $3 micro's (try the Avery IPA) and a bunch of $3 appetizers and such. Much nicer setting, big screen tv's and all.   The flat bread pizza's are killer!

Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post

Me and Skiergirl777 are here til Friday.  Going to be at Bear River Bar & Grill tonight at Gondola Square.

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