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Input on new (to me) skis ...

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I am looking to pick up a pair of skis and have a couple options I'd welcome input on ...


First is the Atomic D$ in a 184, second is a 4FRNT Pique in a 183.  Both are new and are basically the same cost (approx $250) and budget is a consideration.  If there is a compelling reason to spend more I am all ears.


I'm looking for something that will ski variable conditions well, with an emphasis on front side skiing.  Some time will be spent on groomers and some time will be spent on the runs between the groomers (Mineral Basin/Supreme type terrain).  All skiing will be out west (CO and UT).


While I know both are a little narrow for the CO and UT crowd ... to be honest my true powder days are limited and if it is really deep I will demo. 


I am a pretty competent skier, comfortable on pretty much any run on the mountain, but what I really like is blasting variable radius turns on "black," non-groomed runs.  Bumps are not my forte but I will occasionally try a few runs.


I am 6'2", 215lbs, if that helps.


Thanks in advance for any input.



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Bump ... any input?

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If you want to save money, shop E-bay or internet stores, outlets, etc rather than buy a low end model. I don't know of any skis worth mentioning that are 250. new.  If you get slow response on this thread it may be because the models you ask about are not real popular or familiar to the group.

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The D-Money WAS familiar to the group.   5 years ago.  


*is still amazed that someone has the chutzpah to sell D-$ for $250 in 2010*

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Appreciate the input.  I did a little research and found that the Atomic R:EX/D$ got great reviews.  The dimensions are virtually identical to the Extreme (sans the twin tip) and at a price of $230 shipped seemed like a logical option.


The 4FRNT Pique is last year's ski and from what I understand is very similar if not identical to the Elan 777.  Both also seemed to get good reviews.


I'm on Apache Strykers now and they are great up to about 3/5th ... which works great while I am chasing my kids and cruising.  I'm looking for something for the remaining 2/5th on non-powder days.


Thanks again,



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