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Roxy Ski Boots

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Who makes Roxy ski boots?  I bought some roxy skis made by dynastar a while back and am looking at these http://www.evo.com/outlet/alpine-ski-boots/roxy-sweetheart-3b-girls-2010.aspx for my daughter.  She has a narrow foot, about size 13 kids (although she will be a 1 soon).  Ended last season on some 18.5 Rossignol Comp J and measures a 19.5 mondo for the moment

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That is a Rossignol boot. I've had that boot for one of my daughters. It's a beginner level boot. If your daughter is an experienced skier, I would recommend a Lange 40 or 50 (depending on size) over that boot.

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thanks..my daughter is not a beginner, but she is pretty light- only about 45 lbs...I got a nice pair of Lange at the Breck ski swap, but she likely will not fit them until next year and there was nothing in decent shape in her size.

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