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Fischer Progresor 9/10 vs Blizzard G Power FS vs other for level 9 East Coaster?

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Hi All. New to this site.  Racking my brains over this decision.


I'm a very athletic and fast skier, level 9, more finesse than power according to my friends, but a former college racer.  I weigh just under 150 lbs, I'm 43, in good shape.  I ski the steeps, ice, bumps, trees, crud, everything. 


My favorite moments are hugging the edge of a steep narrow trail making quick fall line turns, sometimes modified jump turns if there's no room or it's very steep.  I also like cranking high speed short to medium radius turns on steep groomers/hardpack.  I like bumps too but I've been able to make nearly any ski work in bumps.  (Even my Volkl Mantas though they're not ideal for this).  I like powder of course but have other skis for that.


So I'm looking for Eastern an ski that is a good carver, quick edge to edge, good rebound energy, and stiff enough to hold a high speed slalom ot GS turn on hard snow.  Something in 68-76 mm range.  Something to rip the steeps at Killington, Jay, and my home hill Berkshire East.  Energetic end to a turn and quickness are high priorities.


Was thinking Slalom race ski but worried not versatile enough and I'm too light.  I know a lot of these high performance skis have metal, but I think I've made metal work for me in the bumps before.  Again I'll probalby make any reasonable ski under 80mm work in the bumps, so that's not the highest prioirity.


So here's my short list, from most to least promising:


Fischer Progressor 9

Fischer Progresor 10 (more versatile?)

Blizzard G Power FS (quicker/ better for short turns?)

Volkl TS 10 ft (too heavy and stiff for me?)

Kastle RX SL (new, not much info)

Nordica Firearrow 74 (versatile, but stiff enough?)

Dynastar Contact 4x4


I have no opportunity to test all of them.  Help me narrow them down to a couple!


Thanks, Peter

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If you are looking more for a short turn (low radius) ski, you may want to consider the


Fischer rc4 sc pro.


It's a toned down version of their slalom ski, and made for lighter weight individuals as yourself. It works pretty well in bumps from my usage. The only problem for me, is I weight 40lb more than you, and can easily reach a speed limit on these suckers where they just dont want to engage at about 40mph. They are lively and provide plenty of rebound.


Have not skiied the Progressors, but heard wonders about them.

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The new progressor series is the same performance as their race-type stuff, but the design is a bit more durable than the SC and they handle better in the crud and corn.  Having said that, you pop them on edge on the front side, and you have what is effectively a race ski.  I would recommend a progressor, 100%.


Thoughts on the others (that I've managed to ski so far)...

Fischer Progressor 9 or 10: awesome on the front side, a contender in the crap

Blizzard G Power FS: I thought these were a bit soft to have a race feel

Nordica Firearrow 74: Same, I thought they were too soft, maybe torsion issue



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Thanks for your replies.  Did you like the Progressor 9 or 10 better?  Is one better for short radius than the other?  Does one have more power or rebound than the other?  Does my size/height (5'6") make a difference?


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Differing opinion:


I skied all the skis you mentioned at the Winter Park industry demo last winter. The test hill was a front side trail that had hosted a FIS GS about a week before and had been treated. The best skis of the day were the Blizzi G-Power and The Nordica Spitfire EDT. Those were such standouts, that I no longer carry the Fischer Progressor in this category. The Progressor was and is a very good ski in this range but the bar has been raised. The Blizzi and the Nordica both make ample use of carbon fiber dampening rods/plates that give the extremeties of the ski a unique feel of being "stuck to the snow" Both skis are stiff enough for anyone but neither is too "planky" to bend well underfoot. The combination of ice pick edge grip and that dampening quality in a ski that crosses under like a race ski is what makes them a standout.


FWIW....I thought the Blizzi was slightly better.....uhhh......maybe.



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The footprint between the 9 and 10 is the big difference:


10: 121-73-102

9: 117-70-100


The 10 is about the widest (73) that Fischer could go underfoot and still keep things "race tuned".  Fittingly, it was better in choppy crap than the 9 was, but in terms of short radius, the 9 definitely takes the cake.  The 10 also felt a touch stiffer.  Now, if I were skiing Berkshire East a lot and had a similar background to you (both of these are true), I would run with the 9.  More nimble and a "racier" feel.  We might have a pair at that anonymous shop I work at in Holyoke, but I haven't seen as many Progressors around as usual.


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Wow, things are getting interesting.  I ordered a pair of Progressor 10's from that same anonymous shop in Holyoke because there were no Progressors in stock, nor any Blizzards or other technical carving skis!  Those skis just arrived but I haven't picked them up yet.  I posted this because I'm having second thoughts, largely regarding the turning radius and snappiness, i.e. thinking I need something a little more turny than Progressor 10.  I've already put down th $ to get it ordered.  Wondering if I can switch?  Wondering also if I can demo the Blizzard G Power FS which sounds similar but ?maybe better for this purpsoe.


I must know you, I'm an anonymous regular in your anonymous store.  Can you reach me offline?


Thanks for all the help!



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Has anyone skiied the Blizzard Supersonic along with the g power FS? How do they compare?

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Never been on the Blizzard you mention but do have quite a few days on the blizzard Supersonic at Sugarloaf doing just what you like to do.

My reivew:http://www.epicski.com/products/2009-blizzard-g-force-supersonic-iq 

I loved this ski until my technique advanced considerably after a week long training camp last summer. I got back on them this past season and found them a bit squirrly. Perhaps it was the size - 167cm, and I am 175lbs and I was skiing faster. Funny, but the first Supersonics I skied were 174cm and I found them too long - because I did not know how to ski them. I was foot-steering, no doubt. That is why the 167's were easier, and why the 174's would be better for me now.

But I am now also comparing them to a pair of VIST SC DEMO's I skied in 174cm. They are a hand made Italian ski with classic carving dimensions - 116/66/101. With the VIST Speedlock plate, they are a whole 'nother ride. Never been on such a solid ski, and in 174cm. They made my Supersonic seem all the more noodly. Now VIST's are some serious money - like $1800 or so with bindings. But you can get the same ski in the Hart Phoenix. Do a search of the archives. You sill find that the Harts come out of the same Italian factory as the VISTs, Blossoms and Spoilts. I bought a pair of the Harts but crashed last year (on the Blizzards) and a dislocated shoulder/rotator cuff tear put me out for the rest of the season. Never had a chance to ski the Harts. If this interests you, do a search. If you see what you like, consider the VIST binding system. You attach a plate to the ski. It has multiple holes into which you place and lock in the bindings. It is an elegant system because you can have one pair of bindings for multiple skis. And you can move the bindings forward and back along the plate to fine tune you balance point. VIST plates are often attached to the best race skis and have a strong reputation. Not cheap, but you will save money on just one pair of bindings.

Feel free to pm me if you like.

Good luck,


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I demoed last year's Supersonic and loved it, which is how I got to my short list above.  I was under the impression the G Power FS was a little stiffer/racier but never skied it.    A shop owner in the Pittsfield MA area demoed them last year, loved it.  By the way, he said they were quite similar to the Fischer Progressor 10.


Still hoping more people can shed some light on these skis.

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After my demo yesterday of the Blizzard G-Power, if I still was an East coaster there's no doubt it would be my "go to" ski.  They actually make ice fun.  I never had to worry about holding an edge in tough conditions.

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basically blizzard is the slightly poorer man's kastle well kinda of. remember the guys who are engineering blizzard are from Volkl when Volkl was arguable in its hayday.


If you can afford the blizzard in what ever catergory your looking for get it. In some catergories the Kastle might be better buts its twice as much money.

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The Fischer WC SC is the ski you should be looking at for more performance, but not quite race ski level, not the Progressors.


I weigh between 165 and 180, depending on how lazy I've been lately and how much turkey I've had.  I've had my WC SCs over 60 mph many times, they don't mind speed.


At 40 mph you will not be able to arc turns with a fully  engaged/-locked  edge on any slalom ski; the tipping angle required to hold the forces in line for the turn radius dialed up by the current tipping angle is too high (higher than current tipping angle).  A sl ski will not arc a turn greater than it's side cut radius on hard snow.  The limit is somewhere around 30 mph for pure edge-locked turns on a 13 m ski.

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Yes the Fischer WC SC and the Blizzard Mag SLR have risen to the top of the list.  I'm gonna demo them against the Blizzard G Power FS/G force supersonic or the Progressor 10+ if I can.  Still not sure if I want a toned down race ski or a high level carver.

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