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I realize you must have some "marketing" to support this site.


There is a limit,,and I feel you have crossed it when an ad for a truck,,which pops up in my message box, which I can not get rid ,,,no navigational icons! I can not continue message since it covers the "submit" icon!


The primary goal of this site is to communicate among skiers! Once this first priority is "violated" via ads,,,,,you have crossed the line for me! You are not supporting me,,,,,your first "consumer" but rather the truck company!


Ads on side,,with 20% screen,,I can tolerate. Ads that cover my messages,,which I can not take out via my controls I will not accept!


Please change your "structure" !




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Hey Vist,


Calm yourself down.  You've not been around for very long and don't have much history, but if you did you would know that the folks who run this board are very good about making sure things run well for everyone.  Try being nice and let them know that this is an issue.  The chances are that they didn't realize that this would happen and they need time to fix it.  When you come off all pissy it just makes them want to move more slowly.  


After all, you aren't a supporter and pay nothing for the service.  Cool your jets and be polite.



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