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One person got it! A hand to Stekan,,,with a little help from sibhusky  since she found the relationship VIST = plate and Stekan then found relationships; Swix = Fischer = plate ! Smart people!


Yes this item was "difficult",,,but then you had all the power of the internet, plus millions of brain cells and each other!


90% of skiers look at the surface aspects of a ski. The colors, the graphics, the marketing! This item (that pivot piece above) is what makes a ski  rock stable, and fast ! That is what Vist discovered many years ago!


This plate has marvels of "engineering" in it that few skiers even know about.


Two such "floating circular anchors". Four adjustable springs. One floating central mechanism. (see picture2)

In my opinion one of the very best engineered plate systems on the market. Fischer has taken the plate design to another level. I remind you, I do not work for Fischer,,,I just take their systems apart!


Those teflon sides! They fit into the groove on the alu  Flowflex plate!


As a result the binding screwed on the plate is totally independant to the ski's vibrations. A marvel!


An other view;


late 2.JPG



The next quiz item should be easier.


I will post it in 10 minutes.


You have till Thursday to submitt answers!



Since no one got item 4,,,,,,there will be a special item 6 to determine winner (since I really want to give this digital Swix waxing iron away) among the top three candidates! It will be a "speed" test in which time and accuracy will make a difference,,,that is first person to submit most correct answers will get iron! ( if Stekan wins,,,he can select winner,,,,,so be nice to him)


More details about this special item 6 later!

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Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!......  I knew I had taken one apart before!

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We will "forgive" you since you did have an "over dose" of Turkey!


The New England Journal of Medicine,,did publish an study several years ago about the "toxic" effects of too much turkey meat!


It seems to effect the neural synapses !!!!


Till the next quiz,,,,,or perhaps on the slopes.



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My guess was that it had to do with determining ball-of-foot in a binding mounting system. 


Missed it by that much!



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I never realized there was anything going inside of plates or I'd have gotten it.  I always thought plates just sort of were providing spacing.  I kept thinking the only place the thing COULD be was in the binding and there were so few places it would fit.  Oh, well, I learned about plates in the process.

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