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Hello everyone, 1st time poster. I know very little about fat skis.


I would like suggestions for a second pair of skis to ski on powder days, often in the trees. The landscape can be varied, some open spaces/bowls, other areas through trees and some pretty big bumps once the powder gets skied out.


I would say I'm an aggressive intermediate skier, ski double blacks, but don't always look pretty skiing them! Really worked hard on powder skiing last season and am pumped for this year. With my current skis and my level of skiing I find at times the skis don't turn as quickly as I'd like them but I think this is not a fault of the skis, rather my skill level is still not where I want it to be.


My current skis for the past 2 seasons are 176cm Rossie B3's (red and orange graphics) with profile dimensions of 130-83-110. I'm 6' 2" 183lbs. I've really liked these skis for everything I do on the mountain but I'm considering a 2nd pair for when there's been a dump of snow and Dad gets to play abit without my kids (age 7 & 10)! I don't plan on replacing the B3's, they are what I would use with my kids and wife, or friends that aren't as adventuresome as I. These are my groomed runs and softer snow skis.


A few questions:


How much wider profile before I really notice a difference in powder?


I looked at a pair of Head John 94's and their profile (to me) wasn't significantly different from what I have. The Head Jimi 110 definitely looked different! Wasn't much else really to look at as far as stock in the ski shop this time of year. I won't put hard earned money into a ski that won't really make too much difference from what I already have.


What about length?


The Jimi 110's were I believe 171cm or 181cm. The John 94's were 173cm or 180cm. I have concerns going longer than what I already have, especially considering I will be at times in deeper powder through trees. I realize if I go too short I will defeat the purpose of having wider skis, I'll just sink anyways.


What about flex?


Based on my weight and skiing ability, what do you suggest? Softer skis are more forgiving, correct? And softer skis will do better in the bumps?


Any suggestions or explanations of the above questions would be appreciated. Specific ski suggestions would be great too. Ideally I'd buy older stock to make a 2nd pair of skis a reality. Not to sound cheap, it's just reality.


I ski Mount Washington, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We tend to get snow on the heavier side, powder isn't always that super light fluffy stuff so many of you get to ski daily!


Sorry for the long post, just want to give you hopefully enough info to make good recommendations.