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Does anyone know where to find great deals on ski packages for all mountain skis and boots?

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Try a ski shop..........................



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Google is your friend. Seriously though, in addition to the ones promoted here levelnine has some great deals on both and have been great to deal with IMHO...

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That was a good site, but I was hoping for package deals.  Know of any others?

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if your looking for skis and boots, go to a ski shop, tell them your interested in buying skis and boots. get some skis that make sense for you and get boots that make sense for your feet and skiing style, maybe you can get a package deal. that's a package that you'll be happy with.  buying a pre-made package is crazy unless your an 8 year old 90 pound kid. 

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entry level skis and bindings = 399 entry level boots = 199

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hey call us @ level9, we have the best prices, we dont have any preset "packages" per se, but we do have knowledgeable and friendly customer service employees that would be more than happy to guide you through the process.


i mean im biased because i work @ level9, but uh, you won't get better gear @ better prices anywhere else. certainly not a local shop...


877-589-7547 is our phone #

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