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New skis

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Howdy, my name's Greg I've been skiing since I was on a leash. I've never really been up on models and manufacturers so shopping isn't very simple i usually just ski what I can get together, brothers, dads uncles etc. So now I want to make an investment. I can ski anything on the mountain (in my east coast bubble) so I'm far from a beginner but I wouldn't go so far as to say I need world cups.


6'2" 160lbs

Looking for something I can take to the park, but wont be a trainwreck in pow, so an all-mountain I guess?

Don't need brand new, looking for bang for buck but I've got enough buck. With bindings is a +

Need boots too. (Rossignol SAS FS2's are winning my heart right now)

If you have any questions for me please go ahead thanks for all the help

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Wrong Forum?

Stupid Queston?

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Try the "Classified" forum, "Gear Swap."  That's the best place to look for used skis.

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Thanks, I'm looking for some make/model/type/size kind of input so I get an idea what I'm looking for.

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