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Steamboat Info.

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I am going to Steambaot for the first time this February and really looking forward to it.  My delima is that I am bringing my three children who have never skied before.  I have them in lessons for the first two days but after that they are all mine.  I am curious if anyone can give me any tips or insight on the "must hit" areas/runs at Steamboat as I have only two days to explore the whole mountain. My other three days will be spent skiing with the children.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Ok sorry, maybe this will help.  I am not looking for any secret lines or stashes just good areas to explore.  I love a challenge and like skiing advanced terrain. This is my first trip to colorado and I am really excited about it.  


Thanks again for any advice, replies, suggestions on anything pertaining to Steamboat.

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Some of the real "good stuff" at Steamboat is in the trees.  But you don't want to spend a lot of time in the trees by yourself.  Standby until tomorrow morning.  I'll send Finndog a PM and he'll have plenty of guidance.

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Thanks for your reply gregmerz. I do like the trees....

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Pony Express area is a ton of fun. 

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It's been 20+ years since I have been there, but plan to be there Jan 31-Feb3 and will try to post after that.  From what I remember, the shadows is one of their famous tree areas.

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Ditch the kids for the full 5 days.  It'll take you that long to check the whole mountain out.

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when are you going?  We will be there Jan 29-5th.  where depends on the conditions of course but the standards; Storm peak south over to Sundown express is Shadows, closets, going over again towards Sunshine is the O'clock trees- you will need a local or someone familiar with the mountain to show you where to enter but it inbetween the 1,2 and 3o'clock runs, Priest creek trees, Morning side is good but it's too short in general. What was known as Pioneer ridge has a ton of stuff going over into Christmas tree bowls and beyond. Pony express has great stuff too. Off the side/back of Sunshine is Wally world, a small but really nice section of sidecountry accessed off the side of the skiers far left runs you can follow down and back onto sundshine area or over skiers left again and into Morningside.  Great trees in there.  Stormpeak North has great access into Triangle 3 area into the trees and down along the storm peak lift. Ski down and cut under the bar-ue lift towards Buddys run and down throught th trees or come straight off the face of Triangle3 and ski down to 4 points hut.  work your way off the top of Morningside towards the front side of the mountain and down The Ridge and crow track and straight down, some good steeper stuff mixed in with cool features and trees, below the cat track that cuts across, you can ski straight down into great trees again and break right and try to get into the meadows; ski down and over to the left back onto buddys and out. OR whe you get to the cat track, skii right about 100yds and just before the track bends, jump into the trees, this will take you into the meadows, its a mellow but really beautiful area that typically hold for days as most don't know where to enter.


In general, there is a ton of stuff and more than I listed here. If you are into trees, there's more than enough for a week let alone 2 days. When it gets closer, take a look at the conditions. Some of the folks here that live there can give you better more precise info on what's skiing best. I have found that locals are very helpful and are willing to show "us tourist gapers" some of the best places to go. It's a very friendly place.


Instructors?  Snowboard or ski?  Snowboard, you can't do any better than Abby Slingsby. She's incredible and has a real talent for teaching kids (all ages) If you can swing it, i would get the kids with her for a couple days.  If not, Steamboat has a great program for kids. Good ratio of intructors to kids.



One thing you need to understand and not underestimate is the tree-well danger there. don't ski the evergreens alone especially if the snowfall has been heavy.

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Finndog is absolutely correct. We have lost about 2 skiers per year, lately, due to treewells and resultant slides. Also, they are extremely difficult to climb out of. If you are going to ski trees, you should condier getting a police whistle; the sound carries much further than the human scream for help!


Rick H

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Read this before going into the trees at Steamboat.  The danger is very real at Steamboat as others have stated.  I've gotten stuck in them there and I had to have a sibling pull me out.  An A-Basin ski instructor died in one at the beginning of last season in X-mas Tree Bowl.

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Pretty good rundown by Finndog, as usual.  Too bad I will miss Finn by a couple of days as I am going to Steamboat the 8-13.  I will re-iterate, take the tree wells seriously!

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call me paranoid but I picked up an BD avalung recently just for tree-wells.. Good advice on the whistle too. We always ski close enough that we can see each other and call out if we get out of sight.

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Thank all of you very much for the info!


Spikedog, I would love to have the whole time to myself but the I love to help the kids so it wont be that bad. (who am i kidding? lol) I will be going to SLC sometime in January, and then SLC, Jackson hole, or maybe back to Steamboat sometime in March.  Without kids.


Tree wells, not fun!  I will check out that link daysailer1, thanks!


Finndog, We will be in Steamboat Feb 17 to the 22nd, Everyone will be on skis. Also, thank you for the details!  Also, do know where in Steamboat I could demo the Icelantic skis at?  Thinking seriously about purchasing a pair.


Once again thanks to all for the replies!  Big help!


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yes, head right over to Ski Haus  pine grove and rt40 (by safeway) you can't miss it.




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Sounds good, I will give them a call. Thank you

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