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Android users check out "My Tracks"

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Just installed this Google add-on to their maps program and it seems like it would be great for tracking runs... I did a quick jog around the neighborhood and it clocked and recorded everything... time, distance, top speed, average speed, vertical drop etc... pretty much everything you would want in a ski run tracker... as long as your battery holds out (you have to activate GPS which drains the battery big time), this should be a great one to use on the slopes...



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I've noticed no difference whatsoever in having my GPS on or off so it stays on 100% of the time.  Wifi or 4G antenna is a different story.....both drain the battery if looking for a signal.

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i use my tracks when I hike. the last one was 8.11 miles. it barely used any battery on my droid while running Pandora. So I have to diagree. 2.5 hours and only one level on the indicator. I can't wait to use it on the mountain

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I use mytracks for mountain biking, love it. Last ride hit 36mph on a downhill stretch of double track.

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Glad to hear the reports of good battery life... for some reason my Droid X does seem to suffer with the GPS on (and many programs can find your approximate location without it)... will try leaving it on and seeing how it does...

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I used My Tracks all last season.  I ran it along with my tunes and never had any trouble on my 1st gen Moto Droid with battery life.  I now have the Droid Incredible so we'll see how that one handles it soon.


The only thing that bugged me about My Tracks is that for whatever non-apparent reason it would sometimes stop tracking me.  Unfortunately I wouldn't realize until much of my day was gone.  Hopefully the latest upgrades have addressed this issue.

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I used My Tracks a few times last ski season and it worked really well. Since then I've used it for every outdoor activity... biking, hiking, running, sailing, it's pretty awesome. I don't notice any major battery drain when I have it running. What is also neat is that you can easily share the tracks on google maps and have a list with all the recordings in google docs. You can also use a recording to geotag pictures.

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Thanks for the pointer to My Tracks. I had been using GPS Logger on my HTC Evo, but My Tracks is much better.
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