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Anybody familiar with the Atomic High Rolla line of boots from a year or two ago?

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There's some killer deals on these things on ebay right now and I'm really considering a pair, but I've never seen them in person, and being a couple years old, it's hard to find info on them.


First, the strap.  It looks like it has a toothed clamp as well as a velcro strap.  Like it's a two part system.  Seems fine in theory if that's how it works, but wouldn't the teeth on the clamp portion eventually eat through the strap material?  How does this system work?


Second, the last is listed as 98mm on the ebay ad, but many other sites that still have this boot info up, list it as a 98-104mm last.  How is it variable?  Or is it one or the other?  I'm looking for a solid 98mm boot.


Third, the fuzzy liners....any complaints or praise for that?  Do they bunch up in the boot?  Do they smell funny? 

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The teeth will work well on the power strap and is definitely an improvement over velcro only so not to worry.  The fuzzy stuff is fine and will make the boots easier to slide on.  But there is a kicker.  How do you know how they fit?  Are you really aware of the correct size?  How do you know you'll like the flex or which flex to buy?  Who will fit them for you,  how much additional will that cost and you still won't have a fit guarantee?  Internet buying of boots can be very risky.


Look at all the questions we get here and most of these people went to shops.  Imagine if you are just shooting in the dark?


I can tell from your questions that you aren't yet fully aware of all the design features common to boots and their function.  To me it means you are more likely to be one of the ones who doesn't get it exactly correct and writes us later to ask what to do about the discomfort and other fit problems.  As we go through the procedure with you we learn you wear a size 9 shoe U.S. and have purchased a 28 boot (two sizes to big) and we say you need to start over and have just thrown your money away.


My recommendation is to look at the list of fitters on this forum and if one is within a reasonable drive then go there, spend the extra money and definitely ski away happier.




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Actually I'm well informed on boot sizing.  My problem stems from there being only one shop in Fresno, CA to try boots on at.  If they don't have one in my size, or performance, then what is one to do?  I made the too big mistake years and years ago.  I wore a 31 in 1998.  A 29.0 ever since and it's been perfect.  I used to have the Spaceframe TenEighty Pro Model in a 29.0.  The toe box wore down too much for any shop to mount a binding for me....liability and such, so last year at the last minute I scrambled and bought a slightly used older TenEighty...non pro model.  With that my flex went from I think 95 in the Pro Model back to 80 in the TenEighty.  I liked 80 when I had the original TenEighty boots in 99 or 2000.  I liked the 95 of the Pro Model one better.  I'm going to be doing a bit of racing this year so all I am looking for is something in a similar size, but stiffer.  110 sounds nice....like the High Rolla.  The TenEighty boots were 98mm last, 29.0 Mondo, and 334mm Chassis, exactly like the High Rolla.  As far as the fit difference between the Atomic and my old Salomons, that is the only gamble.  If it's terrible, I'll sell them at a slight loss.  If it's close, I will have our bootfitter fix them.

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Oh and FTR, I wear a 13 shoe and a 29.0 boot.  Most sources say a 29.0 boot = Size 11 shoe. 


I've tried on at the shop some Rossignol Zenith and B Squads ( I think?).  They were 100mm last and 29.5.  Too big.  Also tried on a Dalbello Krypton in a 28.5.  Too tight in the toe box.  I did try an Atomic last year when I first discovered my Pro Models were toast.  They weren't bad except a little too much pressure on the front of my ankle.  Wish I could remember which model that was, I think it was a race boot though.  It was red.  The other that I've tried at the shop was the Salomon Falcon CS.  Loved it.  it was like sliding into an old tennis shoe.  Felt just like my TenEightys/Pro Models....except they didn't have my size.  They were also the most expensive boot on the wall.  Sale price was around $500. 


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