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Have read all the various mantra/mounting positions threads here and at TGR and I realise that binding position on Mantras has been done to death, but this post is slightly different.

I am mounting some Railflex plates to mine (2010). The RF bindings already allow for easy 3cm adjustment but was wondering where the most advantagous position might be.

I could mount the plate with 0 on 0 giving me 1.5cm for and aft of skis marked centre but was thinking that i might be better off mounting the +1.5 mark on skis centre which would give me up to 3cm's aft of skis centre.

I bought the Mantras as do it all Northern Hemisphere skis but will mainly be using them in Japan which gets a lot of powder.

Was thinking that -3cm's might make them a bit more pow friendly with a quick move back to 0 for some high speed charging when heading home back on-piste.


Anybody have any thoughts/opinions on most advantagous placement of RF plate on the Mantras?