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Suggestion for Repairing the old "Vermont Stone Grind"???

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I'm looking for advice on the best way to return a race edge to my skis after a late season run-in with some ledge at Okemo.    I was making a big arc and hit the top of an exposed rock.  There was minimal damage to the base material, but the carving edge of both skis got dragged along for the middle 1/3 of the ski.  I've smoothed these out as much as I can with a diamond stone, but the edge is still a little ragged and is not going to return to full form without additional work.  


Having them stone ground would seem to be the easiest fix, except I just had these skis stone ground before the incident and the bases are in near perfect shape so I am hesitant to spend the $$ and put more wear on the ski with another stone grind.  Hence my search for other options.  


I posed this question to the guys at the shop and they suggested a light pass on a belt sander and then re-CD the edges.  But I'm not convinced that putting a practically new stone ground base on a belt is the right way to go.  


I have my own tool and do my own tuning but in order to restore a true edge I would have to file base and side edges.  My concern is the impact on the base structure that flat filing would have, and also that it's hard to make any progress on base edges without putting more base bevel on the ski. (I'm old enough to remember flat filing skis as part of regular upkeep...no fun there,  and we probably ended up with a 5 degree base bevel by the end of the season!) 


So, so far it seems my options are.....


-Just get them re stone ground.

-Use the shop recommend belt sand and edge CD technique.

-Tackle at home with manual tools...in which case please make suggestions.   


Thanks for any additional suggestions or advice! 

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Don't ski Okemo would be my suggestion..

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The only way to 'fix' the edge is to remove material from the undamaged area, so side file with a bastard file then diamond stone. If you want to avoid a new stone grind then leave the base edge alone, if you need to fix the base edge then you need to re-grind, that's just the way it is.

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Use a series of stones to take down the burr.  It will be case-hardened, so you'll want to knock it down before shredding a file across it.  Be sure the base is level next to the damaged edge so you're working it down correctly (and since you just had a grind, it should be close).  I've worked out some pretty gross Vermont burrs this way, but stoning the edge first is the most important step.


If you do decide to have another stonegrind, a good tuner should be able to take things down only minimally, especially if you tell him the issue.  Don't let him take the belt to your skis.  Ever.  Ever.  If he's worried about wear on the stone, he'll take the burrs down with a hand stone first and then grind.  The belt just makes those annoying "hairs" on sintered bases.

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