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[quote]Originally posted by FastMan:
Rusty, these techniques and ideas are contradictory to everything you're being told is proper, and what you have been working on in your own skiing. To afford the information I'm presenting the opportunity to provide to you the potential benefits it carries you have to do a temporary mind cleansing prior to attempting to absorb it. This is the challenge I was referring to when I mentioned the idea of your keeping an open mind so you can continue to seek and grow. I know from what I have learned of you through this forum continuing to improve is your goal.

You keep trying to push the idea that I'm being "told what is proper", that I need a "mind cleansing", I suppose at your hands, and that my mind is not open to growth.

As I mentioned prior, I doubt there is anyone who has attended more clinics in the last three years than I have. I also alluded to the fact that I walked away from my level III clinic this year in disagreemnt with some of what was said. I am unabashadly a student of, and proponent of the methodologies espoused by our own Bob Barnes. I've been fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time in the last three years under his tutelage. A key component of Bob's success as a teacher is the fact that he encourages students to question his thoughts and to disagree.

Had my mind not been open to growth I don't think I would have been able to obtain my level III cert in three years. Two years ago I would describe my skiing and teaching as being lousy.

The reason I'm here on a daily basis IS my desire to grow as you state.

Let's just say I disagree with a few of your ideas. Not all....a few. Not everything you say is contradictory.