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Beginners Need Help on Skis

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My wife and I recently moved to Bend Oregon. We have two girls 5 and 6. Friends have given us gear for the girls and they are good to go. We live 20 miles from the mountian and this winter we want to spend as much time skiiing as possible and little time renting and returning skis.


We have deceided to buy some nice ski boots and purchase beginner-intermediate skis. We are aware that we may be buying new skis and a couple years and we do not care. We are looking for convienence with small children.


Do you have any advice on some skis for us?


Me 5'9" 190

Wife 5'6" 130


We just want to have family fun. Light easy to turn skis are what we are looking for. Thank you for your help.

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You might end up wanting new skis quicker than you think if you go for a beginner/intermediate pair and go regularly.  I think I would opt for something used or discounted from a prior year.  I haven't really shopped for beginner skis in a while so I don't really have too much in the way of specific models to suggest, but light is definitely a good idea as you will probably have to carry the girls skis for a while. 


I would look to see if they have any local ski swaps or ask the locals where they get their skis.  Around here, they have season rental programs for around a $100 which might not be a bad way to go while you are figuring out what you want.  You keep the skis the whole season with these programs, so no picking up and returning (unless you want to switch, which some programs allow).



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There are several good shops around Bend. Ask about the ski swaps and the season rentals.  Don't  buy  beginner or intermediate level skis, they will not be enough for you after 1 season.  Try to find a local friend who is an experienced skier to advise you about used skis for advanced skiers that are 3-5 years old and should be in good condition, with bindings  maybe $300 to $400 each pair.  These should last you 3-4 seasons if they are kept tuned.  The big advantage to buying more ski than you need is they will help teach you to be better skiers in a hurry.  Take lessons from a qualified professional instructor.

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Good advice Jim Wells. Bend info-www.mtbachelor-insider.info/deals.htm

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