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I wish I knew who Tog is? There are 200 plus instructors at Okemo. Do you have a last name? The reason I selected Okemo was for their very friendly atmosphere.Do you ski there often?
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Tog is just his user name. He should be back from Les Deux Alps soon! {GRRRRRRHHH!} I only went to Okemo once, for the Women's Spree. It was the best 3 day program I have been to.
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Roto, Lisamarie,

You do make a good point when you say that in essence, all jobs end up being about relationships with other people.

I don't doubt that you must get your share of strange, demanding customers with strange expectations and mucho attitude. In fact, I am sure that many technology people could take lessons from you guys in "customer relationship management".

In the end, I think that it is very refreshing to see how much you love what you do. You guys have great attitudes and so much enthusiasm.
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I got into this biz 27 years ago to try and stay out of trouble at the local area. I stay in ti because of the pay. No the dollars, but the miles of smiles from the Guests and the team here and everwhere I have been. thanks for asking
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You are quite welcome, for my asking, as well as to EpicSki!
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Player, what a suspicious handle! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the phone call...I needed the relief!
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Hey Player. How's things? Glad to see you've finally joined us! The Bowl treating you OK? "miles of smiles" and Robin's post tipped me off to your identity. This place is fun!
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ANother reason (I don't know if it's been mentioned already), is that it's a good excuse to get out on the hill a LOT. It forces you out on rainy or otherwise lousy days, which can be some of the BEST days to ski. There aren't too many people who aren't required to be on the hill who know just how good the snow is when it's pouring rain.

Also, having a wife (and now, a kid), I wouldn't get out on the hill nearly as much if I couldn't claim that I "HAVE" to be out there.

It's also good for a tax deduction once in a while that you can't get if you're not a "pro".
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How's Anna?

Yes welcome.
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Why do I teach? I get great satisfaction from helping other people enjoy my sport. As I neared retirement age, I was looking for ways to ski without impacting my fixed income too much. Then I got on at SolVista and I learned how to teach. The more I teach, the better I like it. This starts my third year teaching. I hope to do it for a few more years before I have to hang it up.

RH<FONT size="1">

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RH. I enjoy your sport.

And all this time I thought it was mine!!<FONT size="1">

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It's MINE!!! Give it back! Moooooooooommmmmmm!!! I'm tellin'!
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you guys are so cute!
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