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Story, then a few questions, for the racers and technical gearheads...


Bought a pair of 08-09 Nordica Dobby GS Pro's last summer on the fairly cheap from StartHaus in Squaw...(sweet shop)


Skied em all last season on the east coast....Liked their stability underfoot at speed, response, torsional stability.....end of the season, bent the ski and then snapped the edge clean, didn't detach, but just cracked through straight a few days after the other.... rockered the shovel, not on an impact perse (crash, rock, tree, mogul), more a combination of the wicked easts hardpack/ice/6:45am grooming overlaps/race course speed ruts, etc.


The ski was always relatively soft in the shovel and being an exracer and a heavier kinda thick-legged guy who should be skiing better than he has been, it almost seemed inevitable......that said...


I got them back to Nordica because they were still under the one year warranty......I waited ever-so-patiently for 5 months after hearing from the east coast shop I sent em back through that they were trying to rebuild them or replacing........Ski was bent, titanium layer bent, sintered graphite, bent, edge-cracked.....rebuild?.....come one man.  Maybe Rebend.  Anyway, heard from the shop and they sent out the 2011 Dobermann Gs Pro but are charging me something $100-200, he said.  Gotta assume its for the new binding? Should be allowed to keep the Marker that was on that 08-09 model then, no?


Inquiry #1 to anyone thats stuck through this story...


Will that Marker from the XBI system work for any other ski?


And, I was told the construction of the 2011 is different.  More pop, hoping that doesn't necessarily mean less stability at speed, lighter, less rigidity?  Or does it.


Would they have really softened the thing....or did they build it stronger???


Hope someone can help, thanks in advance..