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Doctor D

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Just a thumbs up for epic sponsor Doctor D who's site has some great stuff, ships fast and offers a discount to Epic supporters.



Between Alpinord and Doctor D, I've almost forgotten about Tognar.

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I'll double that.  I love his wax.

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Agreed--I had been using cheaper bulk waxes prior to picking up the All Temperature Hi Fluoro wax and I could not believe how much quicker it was--so fast that I will not put it on my kid's skis because I think it would freak him out a little.

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I had a home made rig in lieu of vices that would make Bob Vila proud.  I broke down and bought vices from, as well as a base edge guide as my skis are getting a stone grind.  Good service, quick delivery, and a good price.  I called and spoke with the proprietor (Dr. D) which was helpful. 


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When these knowledgeable sponsors spend their time giving out great free information, and pricing on most items is highly competitive, I feel like it is the right thing to support them.  What goes around comes around...

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Amen to that, I love buying from the Doctor, and I haven't even used his wax yet.

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About five years ago I stuffed five US $1.00's in an envelope and Dr. D sent me four few gram samples of Flouro powders ... or was that two fer five... ? anyway must try some more.

Waxing every time the temp changes or base burns or just cause I am bored has led to much more fun on the mtn's roads and flats... so it must be faster on a run.

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I've learned a lot from both Alpinord and Dr D, and I'm extremely grateful for the service they provide on epic.

From being a tuning noob only a couple of years ago, to being able to service my family's skis, and have very good on-hill results, they have made this journey a lot easier.


And, in addition to being nice guys, and providing excellent service through their web sites, their prices are very competitive.  What's not to like?


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