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So I have this flu from hell. Can't ski. May as well talk about skiing. In our profiles, we tell what our favorite terrain is. But what is the most challenging stuff for you? Bumps, steeps ice , powder, narrow trails?
Don't be shy! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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It was nice of AC to supply you with a barfing emoticon. I hope you feel better soon.

My challenge is air. Or maybe I should say landing air. That makes me feel green too. I think it's the premonition of hearing my ACL twang like a broken guitar string.

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Get well soon. I'll try to ooze some sympathy over the internet to you!
My first biggest challenge is getting to a ski area from Ireland.
Mt second biggest is getting to the bar for a round of drinks just after the lifts close.
Third biggest is not trying to show off in front of all those cute American girls who say "we just love your accent"
Next is G#dim7. It is an impossible chord to remember how to play.
Once I get the skis on, everything else is a piece of p!ss (as we say round here)

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Challenges. I've been working on this reply all day... first my son has used up so much memory that I can't scan a picture I wanted to post. Second, my son still hasn't packed for his college(leaving tomorrow as a Freshman).. third, while taking my dog and cat to "Club Med"(boarding kennel, cause we are driving my son to college), my cat pissed in my car!!! Fourth, a friend that has started to snowboard this year calls me to get him out of the hospital-he broke his elbow from falling IN THE LIFT LINE!!! Fifth, in the middle of a 5 inch snow storm, had to take the family out for a "going to college dinner". Sixth, can't go skiing in this new stuff 'cause have to drive my son to college. Oh, did I mention my only son is going off to college?

Do I qualify for having enough challenges???

Liked Wear the Fox Hat answer.

For me, during a Fear Clinic I said my challege was steep/mogul/ice all at the same time.

My real challenge is the fear of looking like a fool and breaking something. This is why I don't "get air". I don't jump!! I did take up snowboarding (my drop it, skier_j and my friend injuried), but it is okay to look foolish while boarding. Felt great!

When I take PSIA clinics, because the examiners don't have a sense of humor, I wear weird hats. My favorite is a British Grenadier's Feather Bonnet. I have worn purple rabbits sewn onto my helmet, Scottish beret with red hair underneath, Dr. Suess hats.

But what is weird, I don't want to fall trying something new/different and looking foolish. No one said I had to be rational!

So in another thread we were talking about Fear. Fear and challenge go together, and it is all in the mind!

Does someone want to share theirs with me?

Oh, did I say my son is going off to college tomorrow?
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PURPLE BUNNY RABBITS!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

When I first read about "THE WEB" in science fiction books such as Snow Crash, I always pictured myself as having an avator of a lavender lopbunny called Lullabunny! Don't ask me how I came up with that!

Kee Tov! Your son will be okay! And that's all I'm gonna say, cause I learned my lesson not to talk about these things!
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Lisamarie-thanks. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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