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Movement Analysis 2

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I've put two new images in ImageStation at this link.


When you go to this site, click on "index" in the upper right. The new clips are entitled "Paul" and "Joe". They are a bit longer than the previous clips so you can see more turns. The clips from the prior Movement Analysis thread are still there too.

The video was shot at Steamboat on a very cold, snowy day. The terrain is black diamond (Rolex or a trail just to the side, I can't remember the trail name). There was about 8 to 12 inches of cut up freshies, moderate bumps and a pretty crusty, hard base layer from a recent freeze/thaw cycle.

As a thought starter, how are the skills-rotary, edging, balance and pressure control being utilized and blended.

Have Fun.
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Couldn't get teh last ones, can't get these ones either. Damn this old modem, damn it i say!

I'll fudge it. Um, so and so is counter rotating in the 2nd part of the turn and extending when he should be flexion-ing. His tipping is very dynamic....
Oops, he's a snowboarder, disregard everyhing.
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The first guy is an unbelievable skier. Smooth and strong. I can't find any obvious flaws in his technique.

One thing that stands out in his skiing is the way that, even in the bumps, he gets his skis away from his body.

This is tough snow and a steep run and he looks like he's on groomed.

The second guy needs some work and I didn't have time to look real close. I will later and edit my post.

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