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Low volume boot custom liner and tongue?

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Male, 5'9", 150 pounds, 55 years old, expert aggressive skier (except on ice, then expert whiner).  Feet are low volume, very flat, 10.5/11 US shoe size, right one measures to 27.5 centimeters (right a little longer and flatter than left).


My current boots are Lange Comp 120 LFs size 9.5 (can't find an MP size anywhere on them, but thinking they must be 27.5).  Current boots are very worn, one with a growing crack above the instep, liners stinky and smashed.  These boots were fitted by a Seattle guy with a race fit background.  Shells were softened for easier flex (I'm light with short legs, 30" inseam), punched multiple places (especially at big toes), liners got toectomy (spelling?), many attempts were made to add material to the tongues to fill in above flat foot but never worked right, always painful, finally resorted to using a set of custom silicone tongues (had to talk the fitter into these).  Only one of these really worked - more silicone was needed in the right one, but he didn't have enough in the gun.  Have a set of very good custom insoles made by the fitter.  It's time to replace the boots, keep the insoles.


The best boots I've ever had were a pair of San Marcos with silicone injectable liners and tongues (also custom insoles).  The fitter realized just how flat my feet are and pumped a lot of silicone into the tongues, giving me the one pair of boots that really stabilized my feet.  Given that the LF Langes in a small size ulitmately needed custom tongues with a lot of juice pumped into them, I'm thinking that a normal liner/tongue won't work for me, no matter what the shell size. 


In today's world where (I don't think) silicone liners and tongues are available any more, what should I do?  I'm thinking I should buy a low volume but not super stiff boot (preferably something softer than the Lange Comp 120 LF) - maybe a Salomon Falcon 10?  I'm thinking that whatever I buy, I shouldn't worry about the liner it comes with, just plan on throwing it out and having some kind of custom liner fitted.  Would a foam liner with a foamable tongue be the way to go?  Considering how cheap boot are online, it seems reasonable to spend my money on the liner and some boot fitting work.



1. What boot?: Salomon Falcon 10 or other recommendation for a new boot?

2. Foam?: Should I get a foam liner and tongue or is do you have another recommendation?

3. Size: Is it true that if I go with a foam or other custom liner, I should not get the super small shell that needs punching out in the toes, as the custom liners need more room?

4. Who: Any recommendations on someone in or near Seattle that does this kind of work?  Also, I may be in Reno in November, anyone there?


Many thanks, John

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that long slim low volume foot is tough to get nailed into a boot well, possibly the falcon or another modified soft race boot...but I can't recommend a boot as i can't see your feet but if you get towards reno hook up with Bud Heishman at snow wind sports,( find his details in the whos who wiki)


let a fitter determine what is required, foam works great for some and not for other,m same applies to zip fit and all other custom liner and indeed boots


good luck getting sorted

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