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I'm new to this msg board..where is the original thread for skiing a slow line fast?

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I'm new to this message board ... where is the original thread for skiing a slow line fast? I'm a little confused about what you all mean by that.

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Try a search for "slow line fast"
all open boards.

Read anything from Bob Barnes starting October something.

Actually, read anything by Bob Barnes and you will be more informed than you were.
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Welcome aboard AppleSusan,

I don't recall a thread specificly called "skiing the slow line fast" however it has come up several times.
here is one that describes it pretty well.
See Bob Barnes' response..

Bob Barnes has a book out called The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing and can be purchased on via the welcome page of epicski. (links through to amazon I think) Or you can get an autographed copy from Bob Barnes himself by sending him an email at bbrnz@cs.com

If you search using "slow line" as the keywords you will get a whole host of posts. I'm not sure if Bob Barnes actually coined the phrase but he describes it quite well in his book.

Again Welcome and enjoy the chat. Hop in anytime with questions, comments and experiences.
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Hello Susan!

As we are probably within yelling distance of each other, let me be the first to welcome you to Epic! This is probably the best technical skiing forum in existence, so please feel free to ask questions, make comments, and join right in with the discussions.

I could be wrong, but I believe the phrase "skiing a slow line fast" originated with one of our resident experts, Bob Barnes of Colorado.

It is meant to conjure the idea that while carving, you may be going back and forth across the hill at quite a high speed, but, if you desire, you can control your path so that you only lose a few feet vertical with each turn. Thus, you are in complete control of your line.

This is to be contrasted with its opposite, "skiing the fast line slow" which means that your body is heading straight down the fall line while your skis are continually in a skid to keep your speed within reason.

When skiing like this, you have little control of your line (ie, since you are always going straight downhill). This is a defensive strategy and, while sometimes necessary, is considered less generally desirable. One of the reasons is that in any irregular snow conditions (eg, frozen crud, heavy slush, powder, etc.), its almost impossible to skid sideways with any degree of control.

Using the search button, above, I searched on the words:

skiing a slow line fast (no quotes around them)

I turned up several relevant threads, including:

Hope this helps,

Tom / PM

PS - While I was typing my message, I see that I lost the chance to be the first to welcome you (grin), but you get the idea!

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And we call it the CyberMargarita hour! [img]smile.gif[/img]
There are certain random times of the day when people from all over the globe just start "talking" simultaneously!
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LOL, LisaM

AppleSusan - We all know you are already pretty seriously hooked on skiing itself if you asked the question that you did, but beware, all these warm welcomes are just a front, a part of a giant conspiracy to hook you on something more addictive than skiing itslf, more addictive than drugs - CYBER SKIING.

(Just pullin' your leg.)

Tom / PM

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try this, actually titled Slow Line fast
OOPs Physics man and LM beat me to the starter topic!

Welcome to the group!

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Hah! Welcome to EpicSki, AppleSusan! With all the links posted above, I hope one of them is the one you're looking for. As I suppose I am the culprit, I'll be glad to expand on the idea of the "slow line fast" if you have any questions or thoughts.

Since it came up, I BELIEVED I had coined the phrase "slow line fast" at one point, but I have since come across similar words in at least a couple places. I don't recall where, exactly, but I think both Georges Joubert and Warren Witherell said something similar, long before my book came out. (I hate it when that happens!)

I have a question for anyone: What happens to your speed if you just go straight (no turns)?

Just curious.... (What? You think it's a trick question?)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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One more frozen margarita, no salt!
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Physicsman and I were going around and around on that in another post a while back.

What was the name of that one Tom?

Something about Speed skiers and a chushion of air, some nonsense like that.

Fun anyway you look at it.

Welcome AppleSusan!

Hey, is that like MAC Apple?

Just curious as my G4 to yours says hello!

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Hey, GO -

Looking back on that discussion, the part of it that had me ROTFLMAO was when you rooked (with a complete straight face) a bunch of us into taking off on a tangent about algae in fog-shrouded sunlit ponds (or some nonsense like that - grin). No wonder non-epicskiers have doubts about our sanity!!!

Now, if you really can't find that thread, and really, *REALLY*, want to know where it is, the answer is:
fooled 'ya. Search under electorns (sic) for yourself, big guy [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Tom / PM
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The bumble bees pull your ticket and you go to jail and have to use your "Get Out of Jail Free" card. Do not pass go and do not collect $200 dollars. Oh well it is early. welcome to the forum

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Now I know why I keep missing everyone...you talk way past my bedtime!!

I have one dog that needs to bark at the newspaper delivery guy at 3:30 AM, and then a cat, apropriately called BITCH, because when she meows in your ear at 4AM to go out, you have no chance of saying no. And then an 18 yr old son who had the wisdom of getting a job unloading UPS planes at 5AM. He gets home from partying at 2AM, so I try to move him out of bed to get to work. Usually sucessfull 4 out of 5 days.

I'm tired just telling you why I'm tired. Time for my mid morning nap.zzzzzz

Oh, welcome to epic. You'll have fun with everyone.
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Welcome AppleSusn, you found your cyber-ski home...enjoy...

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I have seen this a couple of times, I can't seem to locate a BB shorthand dictionary.

What is "ROTFLMAO"?
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Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off!
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Do not hold a grudge, against me!

Tell us which side you turn best on I will pull the other leg next time and that may straighten you OUT!

hehehehehe, for a PHYSICS guy you are pretty gullable!

It is lots of fun here AppleSusan, REALLY!
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Hey Applesusan-

Another welcome! I'[m the crazy one here. Watch for it. Now there will be a big fight as to who's the craziest!

Bob B asks- What happens to your speed when you go straight down -no turns-. Thisis called "schuss". it can also be called, insane, thanatose (sp) (death wish), need for speed, hey look how good I am,or just darn good control over one's skis.

The question actually begs for clarificatioin on what goes on inside the brain! ERGO- How do I turns these things? Why the H*** am I doing this? Are there any girls watching yet? Is the ski patrol radioing ahead to cut me off at the pass? where did that tree come from? Where did the ground go? Opps - that was a gelandesprung! Can I stop before I hit the parking lot? Why is Bob Barnes chasing me... and gaining? Boy have I got a story to tell when I get back to the lodge... if I live through this!
Is that smoke and fire coming out from my tails? Wish I had a speedometer. Why are pieces flying out of my bindings? Gee! I never knew snow can actually burn!

Actually I think it's skiing the fast line- fast.
And so it goes.

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No cosmos?
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Originally posted by SCSA:
Dr. Go,
As always, you're a wild man!

Beat that!


APPLESUSAN, we are not off track here are we? Naaaah, this is how we do things here! (just showing off for the new "female" member, I guess)

Get it LM, Snack can you see it? (funny NO?)

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Bob & Jyarddog

Heres a fast line fast dilemma.

Late for class AGAIN, only way is straight down, trouble is everyone can see you coming from the bottom and halfway down is a cat track with a know 50 ft launch.

What do you do?

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ask Pecabo Street, she got the ANSWER!
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Go for greatness--and flap your arms REALLY hard as you take off--try to clear the ski school line up watching in awe below....


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Aren't you glad you asked?
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Thanks for the info

Now I far better grasp on the world!

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Check out the Community board - LM's topic "New members sign in here" or something like that. If you are so inclined, let us know who and what you are interested in.


Where do you find these? That is great
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Right clck on any smilie. Then click "Properties". It will tell you the URL.
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I'm starting to get worried that SilverSpringSusan (or whatever her handle is) lost the URL of Epic and never got to see 28 (at present count) warm welcomes and technical info?

Maybe its all my fault - she saw my mention of fog shrouded algae to Dr. Go and ran as fast as she could in the other direction

Are you around, Susan?

Tom / PM
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