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I have more Nikon camera gear than I use so I'm going to sell some of it and I really don't want to put it on eBay.  The first item will make film fans drool.  It is a Nikon F4 in very nice condition.  There is no LCD bleed and it works flawlessly.  There are a few spots where the powdercoat or whatever the black coating is in less than flawless condition.  I have other photos show these and if you're interested I can send them, but don't want to load this post up with 9-10 photos.  The strap shown in the photo is not included but the Wimberley P-5 camera plate($52 on Wimberley's website) is included.  I'm asking $275 including shipping and insurance.  I take PayPal and have bought and sold on eBay and with a 100% feedback.