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Wide Feet

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I am checking out new boots for myself this season. I have wide feet. What are some good performance boots that are not too narrow. I am thinking about the Tecnica Icon Alu. The boot has everything I am looking for but I am open to any suggestions.
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I just got a pair of Icon Alu boots that have the new Hot Form liners. I think they are great boots but I am gonna have mine refitted before the season. They are a little tight when I am wearing them around to break them in. You might look also into the Rival RX models for wide feet. They are not as much a performance boot compared to the Icon Alu's but still a top quaility boot. I may have to switch to the Rivals if I can't get the Icons to fit better.
Just FYI
Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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TyWebb how hard are the new tecnicas to get on & off, does the hinged cuff really help & does it look like it will hold up, you talked about a refit can't you plug them in to remold them or do you have to go to a shop to do that, I have last years Icon x & I love the performance but they are awfull hard to get on & off, almost impossible to take off on the mountain for any reason. where did you buy them & what did they cost, one more thing do you think they will be warmer & drier.
thanks bteddy
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the trick to getting the icon carbon boot on is to get the boot as warm as possible. i use a hairdryer before i put them on right before skiing. it take about 10 minutes, but it really helps.
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bteddy -

The new Rapid Access entry system with a hinged cuff is really great. The boots are much easier to get on and off then other boots I have tried or used. The hinges are pretty heavy duty and I don't think I will have any problems with them. Rapid Access is available on the Icon line of boots and the Entryx line. It is not available on the Rival Series this season.

As far as a re-fit, you have to go to the retailer to do a re-fit. Although the Hot Form boots come with a boot warmer, it does not get hot enough to re-form the boots. The plug in warmer that comes with the boots is really a boot warmer/dryer. It won't get hot enough to change the fitted shape. By the way, you get this boot warmer with the boots, your ski shop should give them to you when you buy Hot Forms. If they don't, I bet you are getting screwed. You can also get an adapter for an automobile power point plug-in. Warm your boots up on the way to the resort from the hotel or house. What a great idea.

As far as warm and dry, I can only tell you what a PSIA instructor/salesman at my ski shop told me about his Hot Form boots. He tried a prototype pair last spring and used them about 10 days of skiing in Colorado. He said they were the warmest and dryest boots he has ever worn. I bought mine at my local ski shop in Crestwood, IL near Chicago. Snowcrest Ski Center is the name and they are the best shop in the Midwest!! Top notch staff and great selection of merchandise! Tom and his guys at the shop are really great and take good care of me.

As far as cost, well that probably depends on where you live and your relationship with the supplier. I got mine on sale and I usually get a little discount because of my relationship with the shop. They retail for about $650 to $700 give or take a few dollars. I paid bleow $600.

I am sure you will love them if you get them.
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