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Reccomend skiis please. Details Inside

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I've been skiing for years. But let me clarify. For the past 16 years (i'm 30 now) I've been going about one time per season. This past season a buddy of mine who really loves to me got me to go 6 times so it's time I get my own gear.


I'm 5'10 and 170lbs and feel comfortable skiing Blue to Single Black diamond. I've rented a whole bunch of crappy skiis over the years and last season I did a performace demo on brand new Solomon X-wings in 168cm and liked them.


I think i feel comfortable with the stopping power and grip at that lengh.


My friend (who I ski with) has  Atomic's Izor 9:7 (2007 model) and loves them and reccomends them to me.


ALL THAT SAID I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SKIS .sorry guys i'm a hockey player smile.gif


I know there is going to be the annual Princeton Ski shop sale at Giants Stadium (like they do every year) and would like to know what I should be looking for.


Any advice is appreciated.

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If you are gong to ski less than 10 times a season, it makes no sense to buy your own gear.  You can arrange to demo as many brand-new skis as you like from most shops for about $50 a day. You will get the newest gear and discover several skis you feel comfortable on (as you did with the Salomons).  Tell the guys at the shops exactly what you told us and you'll be guided toward several skis that might work well for you. Take each out for an hour or two, then switch.  Any advice you get from this forum, or friends, on skis to buy now will be totally subjective and a total crapshoot.  It will likely also be a waste of your money.  You need to try skis yourself to know. Also consider taking a few lessons. You'll find out how to ski efficiently and learn the skills you need to SKI a hill instead of SURVIVING it (which is what most friend-taught skiers do).  If I ask you why you turn, for instance, and you answer, "To slow down," you are a good candidate for lessons.  Demo/rent and at the end of the year, you'll have a good list of skis to pick from if you intend to spend more days on a hill.  Good luck!

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The reason I want to buy my own gear is I'm tired of wasting time setting up the rental. I want to Grab my skiis and go! Thank you for the advice!

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What kind of snow, soft, deep, hard, icy?

What speeds?

What goals, improve short turns, just have fun blasting at high speeds?

What terrain, bumps, smooth groomers, untracked powder?


Different skis will perform better in different areas.


I recommend you try a subscription to realskiers.com to help you make a short list to compare sales to.


Oh yeah,  boots first.  Proper fitting boots is the first place to put money down to improve your skiing experience.

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I know what you mean about the hassle of renting gear, but it's still completely worth demoing more skis, since you've only tried one out.


The REAL question, however, is do you have your own boots?

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Can we get a sticky titled something like "before you ask what skis to buy..." with a few universal truths like 1) boots first etc? I could have sworn we had one at some point... It would save some time and help a lot of folks out.

As to KEVIN88GT - um.. Boots first. But uf ya got that taken care of - where/what do you like to ski? Rickies, east coast? Bumps, groomers, pow, park?Also try the search function. TONS of info. Unless you're a midget that likes ski ballet we've pretty much seen it all. We had a superhuman defensive lineman sized guy on here the other day asking the question. You're bound to find good stuff via the search function. Best of luck!
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