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Ski MD tune on twin tips?

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I've been a reader for a while but just joined, and I need some advice getting ready for this season.


I only got seriously into skiing last year, and with a limited budget spent most of my money on some good fitting boots. This left me with only a bit of money for skis so I bought a friends used k2 silencers('08). I won't be able to get a new pair of skis until this summer, so I want to at least have a good tune on them for this year, as they were neglected in the tuning department in the past. I live near SkiMD which seems to be highly recommended around these parts so I was going to bring them in this weekend. He puts a pretty aggressive .75* base and 3* side bevel, and I was wondering if this still works well for twin tips. I won't be doing rails or anything to trash the edge until I have a second pair of skis for the rest of the mountain, and bought some gear to keep the edge bevel in good shape.


Does this tune work well for twin tips?

If I try to learn to ski backwards with this tune will I kill myself?

Is it worth it on these skis or should I get a cheap tune, and go to skiMD when I get some good skis next season?


Thanks for any input you may have.


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Yes (worth it) and yes (get the tune on your new skis also)

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What bbinder said.


The tune is more about how you ski than the ski.  The tune doesn't care what direction you are going.  Mike will tell you what is best (which tune) for the ski.

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Thanks guys, I'll head over with them this weekend and hope he isn't too busy yet.



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Generally, the tuner "knows" what bevel to put on the ski.  For most twintips (at least the ones being used for that purpose), I'll do a full degree base and only two degrees side.  If I know the skier will be dragging my tune across rails, I'll even do one degree base and one degree side to keep the edge as durable as possible.  I knew a guy who put two degree base and one degree side, but I don't recommend this (he spent more time on metal rails and park stuff than he did on snow).  You'll figure out your preferences.

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^^^ Excellent point...  Sounds about right..

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