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Prophet 100, rivals and binding options...

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Hello epicskiers 


The time is near approaching for me to buy a new pair of planks and bindings and progress on my merry way up the skiing ladder...


I've just waved goodbye to my 2009 K2 Xplorers and i'm now looking for something that will upstage those and make my pilgrimage to more backcountry/off piste orientated skiing as enjoyable as can be. The ski still needs to be able to perform to a suitable standard on piste as i'll be spending time with friends who only ski there, however, my heart is in skiing as much sidecountry freshies as possible so that is my main priority.


I should say that i mainly ski at home in Scotland with a couple of trips to the european alps and maybe a trip every couple of years to north america.


I'm 6'4" and weigh 14st, so probably around 15st with all my gear on.


I like to ski fast and loved the feel of my Xplorers (i know a lot of folk don't like the damp feel, but i liked how they ploughed through everything) and like medium sized carved turns. Probably middle to later stages of advanced skier. Only place i've been so far in North america to ski is Banff and Lake Louise. the back bowls there and the likes of the mens downhill piste are where i'd need this ski to perform, as well as turn through any trees that i may come across. Not really that fussed about bump performance as i tend to avoid them like the plague.


Now, i have had a short list, and now have a shorter list which includes the following all in roughly 185 - 190 ski length:


Line Prophet 100

Volkl Mantra

Black Crows Navis


and maybe Nordica Enforcer.


As far as binding goes, i'm thinking about Marker Baron as i'm prepared to skin a wee bit to get away from the madding crowd. Not intending on doing any lengthy touring though. Either that, or i need some options for a fixed binding as i'm not totally convinced that i'll be able to go wandering too much.


So, over to you guys!

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I personally have the Mantra 184's, and I've skies the Prophets and I found that they ski nothing alike. The Line's are much softer, they have better flex in the bumps and slight (if any) better float in the Pow. The mantra on the other hand is a much faster ski, more stable and Kills the Crud.  So In your case I'd go for the mantra.


IF I was looking for a new ski (and $$ is the only reason why I'm not I'd get the Gatama's over the mantras..


In all honest you'll have to Demo ..


I'd demo the Mantra's, Gatama's maybe even the nordica enforcers...  Not sure on the Bindings I have salomons STH12 or Z12ti I have one my wife the other ..can't remember..



hope this helps

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Your on the right track with bindings- barons are really an alpine binding with the option to tour.


I've skied the prophet and the mantra so i'll give you my $0.02 on those two.


Prophet is softer, more forgiving, and easier to ski than the mantra. This makes it better in soft snow, bumps and such than the mantra, but at the cost of hard snow performance. I'm always impressed with the hard snow performance of the mantra. It can hold an edge and carve on groomers ect like no other 96mm ski I have ever been on. Due to the stiffer flex of the mantra it is better in cut up snow and crud, as well as being more stable all over. I would point you towards the 184 Mantra rather than the 191 as the 191 is too much ski for most. I personally don't see the need for a ski with that much sidecut to be so long. I almost think the Prophet will be too short for you, even at 186 since it skis so short being a twin tip ect. Nordica enforcer is similar to the mantra, but softer, especially in the tail.


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