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Tyorolia RD Question

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I purchased a pair of Tyrolia RFD 14 bindings to replace the old and worn RF II 12 on my Head 77.


I noticed that when sliding the bindings onto the rail, there is less play and the binding does not move as easily. I am wondering if this is a defect or an intended design. The bindig fits more snug on the rail and takes more force to move it.



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I have some new Head RFD 14 bindings and they are also pretty snug on the rail. I have to use more than just a couple fingers to move them -- it takes a good bit of pressure. I assumed this was normal as I don't have any previous experience with Railflex bindings.

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Well, I noticed the difference. The stock RD12 were not lose but there is a bit of play with the plastic housing on the bindings. The RFD14 feel more rock-solid. I am thinking that perhaps the tolerance is a bit tighether with the RFD14.

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I have RF HD14's ; approx. 80-90 days on my Monster im77's and will be using them on my new Mantras this coming Winter. I travel OS to ski so bindings are on and off regualrly and they still slide on snugly. I put it down to them being a rock solid setup. Some Railflex threads have mentioned concerns about the possibility of RF bindings becoming sloppy but this has not been my experience. A very well made bit of kit IMO.

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Always interested in what "sloppy" means. Will the fraction of a mm of play in any tracked binding make a significant difference in how quickly your force is changed from one edge to another? Or is this a psychological issue? Does noticing a difference between two bindings translate to actual mechanical differences that affect skiing? My hunch is our own lame reflexes and sketchy muscles are gonna be a vastly bigger variable than binding play or materials, unless we're a world cup racer. Or beat on our bindings with a hammer for relaxation. YMMV.


In any case, agree that the 14's seem to produce slightly less "slop" than the 12's. Whatever that means.  (Actually what it may mean is that the 12's are significantly lighter. Something to consider if you hike for turns.)

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