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Teton Village ski lockers

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Hey you locals--- what is the name of the business running

the Bridger bldg. ski lockers?  Phone number?

Are there cheaper lockers in the Village?


Thanks, John J

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I would inquire on the Teton Village website.  I'm pretty sure they are run by the ski corp.  Lockers can be very hard to get.

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TPJ, thanks.

But couldn't find anything on the site.

That's why i am trying this tact.

Though as an instructor you probably

have a school setup, do you have

any idea of a season price on the lockers?

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I don't actually know how much they cost, but I know that when I heard the price in the past I was ready to carry my stuff on the bus.  I also consider my locker, boot dryer, ski slot to be the best 3 perks of my position.  The public lockers are limited and hard to get.  If you want one get on it now.  I'll see if I can get some info for you, but won't physically be out there any time soon.

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Hi, John.


Like tpj says, there is a day locker facility on the ground floor of the Bridger Center.  It's clean and close to the hill (like 100 feet from the tram or the Bridger gondola) and the lockers are reasonably good-sized.  I believe the daily rate is $15 (or $90 for a week).  There's also a large boot dryer inside as well.  Skiing-in-Jackson and I both have season lockers there, so if you rent one you might see us on any given day.  I do know that they almost always sell completely out of day lockers during the busier parts of the season.  I don't know if you can reserve a day locker ahead of time.  I do have a name and number for the manager of the locker program and I'd be happy to give you the contact info via pm but I don't want to just put his name out here for the public because he has much bigger jobs to do.


I think the season rate is $450 or somewhere around there.


There are also day lockers available upstairs in the next building left of the tram building as you're standing in the parking lot looking up at the mountain.  The lockers are one level above the Wildernest ski shop and the Village Cafe.  Those lockers are a bit smaller and I think they're a bit cheaper, but I don't really know any more details.  I also have that guy's name and number if you wanted it, but I would rather only give it out via pm.



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Thanks, gentleman.

Bob, I'll contact you.

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Bridger Lockers, worth every penny if you can get one.  Besides you'll see the Mighty Bob Peters (and the McDonalds) nearly every day.


You can find out more by calling JH Sports @ 307.739.2687

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