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2010 Free Luv ski's - opinions?

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I ordered a pair of 2010 Nordica Victory skis from o2gearshop 3 weeks ago for $349. They charged my credit card right away, but when I called them today, they said that they don't have the Nordica's any more, but can send me 2010 K2 Free Luv skis instead, for the same price, in either 142 or 149.


Any advice on if I should get the Free Luv or just get my money back? I'm kind of pissed that they charged my card right away and then don't contact me or anything... just seems like iffy business practice to me.


In any case, I am 5' 0", 110 lbs, fit and in good shape. I've only skied once in the last 10 years, but really would like to get back into it this year. I used to ski quite a bit, but never took any lessons or anything so my technique may be suspect. I would ski all terrains - blacks, double blacks, love the bumps (though I'm not that great at it), back bowls, etc. Probably not interested in the terrain park stuff -- not into jumping or tricks. I will be skiing almost exclusively at Breckenridge, CO.


I'm not all that picky, and just want a fun all-mountain ski. I'm not into high speeds and like to stay in control at all times. I plan on skiing about 20 days or so this season.


Anyway, let me know what you think. Should I just get a refund or should I go for the Free Luv? And if I do get the Free Luv, should I get the 142 or 149?


Thanks in advance!


P.S. I know a lot of you will recommend I demo a bunch of skis first, but the reality is I really don't want to do that. It's just too much trouble and I don't want to deal with that.

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Welcome to Epic!!


I have found O2 to be good to deal with but there can be mistakes made.

The Nordica Olympia Victory is definitely a ski for a more advanced/expert female skier whereas the Free Luv  is supposedly a good all around ski for intermediate to advanced skiers. I also believe the 2010 Free Luv was a 75mm waist and the Victory in 2010 was around 80mm.

It will be a leap for me to recommend a length without knowing more about your skiing and desires but since you about the size of one of my good friends, I would suggest the 149 cm.


You could also just a get a credit from O2 and keep looking. It is still early!!  That would probably be your best move!!

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Thanks for the advice, TrickSr. I think I may do just that -- get a refund first and then keep looking.

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