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Blizzard Mag 7.4 or Atomic Smoke Ti- thoughts for East Cost Int-Adv.

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Anybody have any input on the Blizzard Magnum 7.4?  I've found a few scattered reviews on the Magnum 7.6, but no real info on the 7.4s.  I think the 7.6 is a little too wide for my area of sking and skill level....


Areas of skiing...East Coast...


85% Poconos, PA ( Hardpacked Ice, Crud in afternoon)

10% Killington, VT (Gotten into powder there the last 2 times I've been)

5%  Colorado (Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen) every couple years when I'm lucky




Intermediate and advancing......no bumps, blacks in PA, mostly blues with an occasional black in VT.  At the mid-end of last season I really felt my skills and confidence coming along and noticed my ski's were starting to hold me back....been skiing the past 3 seasons on K2 Commanch 3COMs.


5'-8" 165lbs....figuring on ~163 length ski.


Plan on getting new boots this year too (with a bootfitter) as I know this has a large impact.


Also considering Volkl AC20, Fischer Progressor +8.


Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated.



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Haven't skied either so I really shouldn't be commenting. The Realskiers site gives both the 7.4 and 7.6 very good reviews. There have been reviews of the 7.6 on this site. I've not seen any of the 7.4 but haven't searched. Based on reviews both are versatile and would will be pretty forgiving. I don't think you'd notice a real difference in 2mm, the turn radius of the skis is pretty close. If you want something significantly quicker edge to edge. From anything I've read the 7.6 certainly wouldn't be too much ski for you.

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Thanks RISkier!  Any skies you have ridden that you might recommend instead? 


Went to a local ski shop to look at the Blizzard Magnum 7.4 and asked them if they could recommend a comparable ski for consideration.  They reccomended the Atomic Nomad Smoke Ti.  It has a 77 waist but as you noted, that's not a significant difference really (~1/8").  The turn radius is comparable (14m for the Blizzard, 14.5m for the Atomic). 


From what I've been told the Mag 7.4 is slightly stiffer.  And the Atomic is more "easy to use".




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I skied this season's Smoke TI at a dealer demo in March.  What a ski!  I haven't liked Atomic for a few years, but the Smoke TI was awesome in just about anything we ran it through.  It isn't quite as stiff as the Mag, but I think the edge-hold and actual radius are on-par between the two.  It takes a lot for me to recommend an Atomic product (at least recently), but this will make a great one-ski quiver.  It is also worth mentioning the Atomic BlackEye TI -- not quite what you're looking for, but a nice "thicker" ski that really was more nimble than we expected it to be.

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I've never skied the Blizzard but I own the Smoke TI's in 171 and I would defiantly recommend them. I've only skied them in the northeast mostly at Gore or Belleayre. They have handled everything from almost a foot of new snow to ice, trees and spring conditions. I used them about 15 times last year and they still look brand new.

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Sik87gn, this might be a little late but I purchased the Blizzard Magnum 7.4 after I demoing several skis this year including the Volkl AC20 & AC30, Rossi Avenger 76 & 74 Carbon,  Dynastar Groove plus a few others.  I was set on getting the AC20 (because of price, AC30 would have been my choice if budget was no option).  The Blizzard Magnum 7.4 wasn't even on my radar, I tried them just because I had tried everything else in the demo shop.  I was sold on the 1st run.  My only complaint is they don't have the "pop" of a more aggressive ski but I feel like I have full control of them on groomed runs, the moguls or off-piste.  To me the are a good "all mountain ski" compared to the others I demo'd..  The Dynastar Groove were are great "groomed" mountain ski.  They had a lot of "pop" but were a little narrow in the waist (66 mm) for my liking..

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I demoed a buddy of mine"s Blizzard 7.6 magnum and am jumping all over them. Just sold my Tigershark Ten's and am ordering them in a 163. I will have a full review on them when they arrive but for now all I can tell you is they rock and are at a dynamite price for this level of a ski. Scoff one up before they are gone. One of the guys on this site may have a pair left possibly,anyone?Hope this helps.    Dave

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Did you get your 7.6 blizzards?  Any thoughts on the ski?  I could not find you review.



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I did not do a full review,did not know if they are returning for 2012. Here is my review for you in three words, THANK YOU PHILPUG. Seriously though,this is an awesome ski for either someone that is aspiring or for someone lighter and smaller like myself. For such a light ski,it is happily very stable even at pretty good speeds.Does not overpower you if you get a little back but rewards a good athletically balanced stance. Good solid edge grip,even layed way over. Very quick in the bumps,especially in last nights soft spring bumps.I could go on but lastly, going back to edge grip,last night,s slush turned pretty choppy and they handled it just fine. The only con is width in softer snow. I am sure they will do just fine,I have wider skis that will be used for that application but these would be a great place for you to start. You can work on a multiple ski quiver when you further become addicted to both skiing and thiswebsite.  Hope this was thorough enough to help you out. Any Q's,feel free to ask or PM.    Dave

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thanks for the mini review.  i only got to ski the blizzard magnum 7.6 for 2 short demo runs.   it was a 163.  it was very stable at speed, but still seemed to bend more/work better at slow speeds than most skis.  i agree that it is a good choice for lighter skiers like me.  it seemed really quick edge to edge for a 76mm wide ski.  would you agree with that?   it felt like it would handle pennsylvania ice well too.




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I did not demo it for very long either but it had me at hello.  Yes I agree that it is more responsive even at slowerspeeds aswell. A good trait if you are not always mach oneing it all the time. I highly reccomend it and I think it would work fine where you are andas I said, maybe down the line grab something bigger and wider for bigger dumps.  PM Philpug at Starthaus and see if he has any left.Any more Q's feel free to ask.    Dave

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Recently had the chance to demo several skis at Stratton when winter temps had returned and most of the mountain was groomed hardpack.  I got 6-8 long runs in on each ski, one of which was the Magnum 7.6.  (The others were the Kastle RX and Blizzard g-Force Supersonic IQ, which are more serious skis and a bit skinnier in the waist).  I mention the other skis because, while the Magnum 7.6 did not have the flat out power, stability and "wow" factor of the RX, or quite the stability and quickness for the Supersonic, it really held its own.  I was very surprised at the versatility, ease of use and performance level of the Magnum 7.6.  There was really nothing it was lacking, and it was definitely more forgiving than the others.  It certainly has a lower speed limit and less superior edge hold than the others, but not something that would detract from its usefulness for all but the most aggressive and expert skiers.


BTW, I skied on my MX78's the following day and, again, while they have a higher performance envelope and a bit nicer "feel" for my tastes, I am again surprised at how favorably the Magnum 7.6 compares.  This is a really good ski and a really good value.

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